Free AI Based Resume Screening Tool for HRs: SkillPool

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SkillPool is a free, state-of-the-art AI-based resume screening platform that enables you to screen your applicants to identify the perfect hires among them. All that you need to do is add the job for which you want to hire, upload the resumes, and get the most suitable applicants in just one click.

SkillPool is an extremely handy application for people in an organization who are responsible for hiring candidates but are usually swamped down by a heap of applicants from which they are supposed to choose the best ones. They can just go for SkillPool, follow the steps mentioned below and quickly discover the suitable candidates without wasting hours of time.

Step 1: Add a new job – In this step, you must add the job for which you are conducting the hiring process. Simply specify the job name and description to create the job entry.

Step 2: Upload Resumes – Just choose and upload the resumes of the applicants that you wish to screen and let SkillPool handle the rest for you.

Step 3: Screen – Just click a single button and the AI Model of SkillPool automatically ranks the applicants based on their suitability. All that you need to do now is choose how many suitable applicants you desire, and your work is already done.


1. Click on this link to navigate to SkillPool, register for a free account using your email address and sign in to the platform. You must verify your account using your email address before you can use SkillPool.

2. You must begin by adding a new job. For this, click on the large ‘+’ sign, specify the job name and description and click on ‘Submit’.

Add new job

3. The next step is to create the pool of candidates. Click on the ‘Add Candidates’ button and upload all the resumes from your local system.

Add candidates

Upload resumes

4. SkillPool will automatically extract the candidates Name, Phone number, Email address, and more from the uploaded documents display the list on the screen. If the application is unable to capture the email address, phone number etc. you can click on the ‘Edit’ link in the last column and update the details.

5. Next, choose the Screening Type, using the respective drop-down such as ‘By Percentage’ or ‘By Count’ and AI of SkillPool will automatically display the list of suitable applicants based on your choice.

Select Screening Type

6. If you choose ‘By Percentage’ you must specify the percentage of candidates that you wish to select from the pool. On the other hand, if you select ‘By Count’, you must input how many candidates you wish to choose from the pool.

By Percentage

By count

Closing Comments:

SkillPool offers a streamlined process for HR Managers to screen their applicant pool and detect the best and most suitable candidates for a specific job quickly and easily. Its AI ensures that you get the qualified candidates with a minimal effort and input from your side.

Go ahead and boost your hiring productivity and find your perfect hires in no time. Click here to navigate to SkillPool.

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