Create Team Check-in Questions to Eliminate Meetings: Humble Dot

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This article covers an online tool to create team check-in questions to eliminate meetings. Occasional meetings are good for discussions, follow-ups, brainstorming, and so on. But if you having daily meetings just to get the team status then you might be wasting your valuable time there.

Humble Dot is an online team communication tool that lets you create team check-in questions to eliminate meetings. With this tool, you can create check-ins for your team ahead of time and schedule it to get teammates input without wasting time over meetings. This tool features a decent collection of check-in templates which you can customize as per your needs. You can create daily and weekly check-in from scratch as well. In the check-in, you can include public as well as private questions and get your team’s input. You can also assign roles to teammate(s) to manage the check-ins.

Your teammates get an email on scheduled time which leads to the Humble Dot where they can feed their input. The free tier allows you to create unlimited check-ins with unlimited numbers of teammates. It also offers dozens of free workflow templates which you can use for check-in.

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Create Team Check-in Questions to Eliminate Meetings: Humble Dot

Humble Dot is a unique team communication tool that eliminates the need for meetings for team status updates. You can create a free account on this team communication tool and then invite your teammates to join. Once all your team is on board, you can assign roles and create check-ins to get status updates and other input from your team. This tool keeps you (check-in manager) in the loop of everything by sending emails. It also informs teams prior to the opening and closing time of the check-in so they don’t miss it.

Create A Check-in

create team check-in questions

Creating a check-in is very simple with Humble Dot. To do that, go to the Check-ins section and create a new check-in. Then name the check-in and set a schedule for that. You can create daily (weekdays), daily (including weekends), weekly, monthly, or Quarterly check-in and schedule it to the date with a limited opening window.

Add Check-in Questions

team check-in communication

After that, you can add questions to the check-in. You can add any number of team (public) questions and private questions to the check-in. All the questions are basically subjective where teammates can enter their response but you can also include ratings to the questions if you want.

team check-in tool

After adding the questions, simply save the check-in and it will automatically send a mail to all team members for check-in on the prior schedule. Teammates can also check the upcoming check-in by visiting the Humble Dot manually. All the upcoming check-ins get listed on the dashboard along with a list of recent check-ins.


team communication tool to eliminate meetings

Once a check-in ends, you (check-in manager) can check the team input in the Updates section. It shows you the feedback on a grid layout with questions in columns and teammates in rows. From here, you can share the updates via email. And if go with the paid-tier, you can also export the team updates to your Google account.

Give this team check-in tool a try here.

Closing Words

Humble Dot allows you to save your and your team’s valuable time by eliminating the need for meetings. Instead of having a daily or weekly meeting for status updates, you can just create a check-in with your questions and get the team’s input with ease. And, the feature to include private questions helps you get each teammate’s feedback privately. Give it a try and do share your thoughts on this with us in the comments.

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