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Tailwind Pdf is a free Web App that allows you to create PDF’s and images from plain HTML code that has been styled with the popular Tailwind CSS framework.

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that doesn’t incorporate predefined components like Bootstrap CSS. Instead it provides you with a set of classes using which you can easily create custom designs at will.

With Tailwind PDF you just need to edit the HTML, carefully style using Tailwind CSS in a way that suits your requirements and export it to PDF, JPG, PNG and other file formats as the need be.

You can choose an existing template (Poster, Resume, Invoice, Infographic) or create one from scratch. Alternatively, you can choose a template, and customize or edit it like a document. The Code Editing can be done directly in the ‘Code Mode’ or using the Tailwind CSS Playground. This is advanced online editor for Tailwind CSS that allows you to use all its build-time features directly in the browser. Once you finalize the Code in the playground, you can copy-paste it in Tailwind PDF.

Here are the simple steps that you can follow:

1. Navigate to Tailwind PDF from the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Create a new document template or use / modify the existing ones.

Create from Template

3. Style your HTML as required using Tailwind CSS. You can edit the actual text of the document directly in Preview Mode or edit the Code in the Code Mode. For advanced customization use the Tailwind CSS Playground.

Code Mode

Preview Mode

4. Click on ‘Download’ and select the file format that you require. You can specify the width and resolution in case you choose PNG, JPG or WebP as the file format. In case of PDF, you can select the paper size.

Download document

5. Click on ‘Download’ to download the document in the format selected above.


Tailwind PDF is a small and neat web application to convert HTML documents to PDF and other image file formats. It’s a boon for developers who know Basic HTML editing with Tailwind CSS as they can do a lot of design customization to create any document as the need be.

Click Here to navigate to Tailwind PDF and start designing your templates and documents and get them exported.

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