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Chatfrog is a free Reddit chat room service. Through it you can chat on any Reddit subreddit by using the chat rooms custom made for each Subreddit. These chat rooms are made automatically for every subreddit that you can find on Reddit, like pics, movies, funny, etc. All you have to do is, enter the subreddit name and then you can access that particular chat room to start the conversation with other Reddit users.

Your Chatfrog will be authenticated by your Reddit account when you click ‘Allow’ at the authentication prompt and you will be able to enter a room, post comments and interact with other logged on users in real-time. It also comes with moderation feature, and the moderators of that SubReddit are automatically made moderators of tha chat room as well.

You can also use emojis on the message you are sending. You can also post image and video links to your comments and view them directly in the chat room. Using this service is really easy since it is like any other chat service you might have used.

So let’s check out this chat service for Reddit.

I am quite happy that this Reddit chat room service has been introduced, since Reddit does not have any such service of its own.

By the way, you can try out some free desktop Reddit clients here.

Why is Chatfrog Special?

Chatfrog is a unique free Reddit chat room service. In the time to come, I am sure it will be used extensively because it is one of its kind. Each subreddit has a Chatfrog chat room associated with it. You don’t have to set an alias to use this free chat service as your Reddit name will be used. This also ensures that you are careful in how you use this chat service, and abuse would be reduced to a minimum.

The subreddit moderators will be automatically made the moderators of the chat room, which is very convenient if you want to remove certain users on the chat. This Reddit chat room service doesn’t store your Reddit password, which is pretty cool if you think about the security.

Sending Messages on Chatfrog:

You can chat on any subreddit by just logging on to ‘’. Sending messages on Chatfrog is really easy like in most of the chat services you come across. Just type your message in the space and hit send. For now, you can only send emojis with your message.

You can share links by posting their web addresses, which also includes some media files. The ones I tested were images, GIFs and YouTube videos. I was able to post images and YouTube videos embedded into the message. The only ones that didn’t work were animated GIF links.

Interacting with Other Users:

This service is primarily meant for Group chat. There is no option of one to one chat in this. The only thing you can do is to ring them exclusively by clicking on their name from the user list and clicking ‘Reply’. If you happen to find a user annoying then you can simply block that user by clicking on the username and hitting ‘Block’.

My Analysis:

Chatfrog has made the distance between Redditors very short. But this free Reddit chat room service needs a lot of work. As a user, I wanted the to send all kinds of attachments which most chat services let you, but Chatfrog doesn’t have this feature currently. I hope it also extends its support to more file types like GIFs.

Also, I hope it adds option of one to one chat as well.

Despite these shortcomings, I am just very excited that now such a service is out that can let me connect with fellow Redditors.

Are you a Reddit user? Do let me know what you think about Chatfrog in the comments!

Try Chatfrog here.

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