Foursquare App Upgraded: Search Places Easily, Check in Friends, More

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In this war of social networks Foursquare has upgraded itself with new features in new Foursquare 6.2.2. Foursquare got its new update 6.2.2 on 25 June ’13. Now Foursquare is not just about exploring new places and collecting badges and becoming mayor of that place. Foursquare is not just a social networking site, where you log in and start to chat with your friends. In this “new Foursquare” now you can explore new places around you, where you can hang out with your friends and family. You can even check in your friends (with their permission), and search for places with filters like “Price”, “Specials”, “Haven’t been”, “distance”, or “open now”.

US President Barack Obama is also using Foursquare since 8 August ’11 amongst 33Million global users which make more than 3 Billion check-ins every day globally.

When you visit any place Foursquare checks your current locations using GPS of your iPhone and tells you your exact location and tells you what is “Happening Near You?”

Foursquare 6.2.2-your check-in -New Foursqaure

Foursquare has started this change in its functioning from its version 6.0. Since then it is making new changes, and offering new and better services in getting more out of your locations. With its newer version you can also check the nearby place. So what’s new here? Well the new thing is that you can also add filters with the searches you want to search. Here is a screenshot of what more and how more can be explored in Foursquare 6.2.2.


Here is a screenshot of the filters that you can add to your searches, to refine  your results:


Now when you explore or search new places  Foursquare tells you what is nearby and with the help of filters you can get more out of your searches.

Features of New Foursquare:

With the new version of Foursquare the new features you can find are:

  • Tap less and explore more, check in your friends (with their permissions only).
  • New Foursquare gives you instant searches for nearby locations.
  • New Foursquare provides you many searches by references.
  • In New Foursquare  you can also search using tags like, Thai, Chinese food, new movie, park street food etc.

Foursquare 6.2.2-new improved searches-new foursquare

  • You can also search the places by “price”, “open now”, “distance” etc.
  • In New Foursquare you can also make reservation in a restaurant or a movie ticket.
  • New Foursquare provides you directions to your desired destination.
  • In New Foursquare you can also suggest your friends and get suggestions from them.
  • In New Foursquare you can track your history.

Foursquare-to-do and history-new foursquare

  • In New Foursquare you can make a list where you can save places where you want to go, and can give name to the list.
  • Save your favorite places where you have visited before.
  • Many under-the-hood improvements which gives you improvements for spell check and give you much improved search results.
  • In New Foursquare you can also sort the searches by distance.

The Final Note:

With the new version of Foursquare, Foursquare 6.2.2, much changes have been made. In New Foursquare the focus is to attract more people back to the Foursquare app. Earlier where it was just a place tagging and sharing app, now suggests you more places to explore. With more refinement in its searches with its new version you can share new places you explore with your friends easily.

Foursquare-be a local-new foursquare

The much improved new Foursquare 6.2.2 also allows you to add friends from your Facebook and Twitter accounts (well this feature was also available in previous version). Badges and tags are still available in new Foursquare and you still can be the Mayor by visiting the same place many times, unlock all and enjoy sharing them with your friends.

Foursquare6.2.2-share with your friends-new foursquare

If you are a trader you can also promote your business here like restaurant, food point, a new gift shop, or any place where you like to meet your friends; can also be shared over here and shared all this on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To check this new place tagging all new Foursquare (Foursquare6.2.2) click here.

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