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This article covers best free Word Search Puzzle Maker Software for Windows. These software lets you create Word Search puzzles which you can save as image files or PDF files to your computer.

These software offers various features to personalize your Word Search Puzzles. You can create custom grid size, change font size and font color, and can assign word directions for the puzzle.

Play Word Search puzzle games online on these free websites. Also, try this Windows 10 Word Search game to play Word Search on your Windows 10 machine.

Here Are 3 Free Word Search Puzzle Creator Software For Windows:

Word Search Creator

Word Search Creator: word search puzzle

Word Search Creator is a free lightweight software to create Word Search puzzles. It only takes a few steps to create Word Search Puzzle with this software. The interface is clean and user-friendly. It has 40 small boxes to insert words and a preview panel that shows words placement in the grid.

To generate Word Search Puzzle, enter the words in those small boxes; you can also import wordlists from a TXT, DOC or HTML file. Then, select the number of rows and column (from 8 up to 20 columns) for the grid. This software can create puzzles with word placement in any direction. Select the desired word directions for your puzzle. Then, click ‘Add Words to Grid‘ button; it will place your words in the grid. If you do not like the word placement, you can change that by clicking the same button again. To fill the puzzle, click the ‘Pad‘ button to insert random words to the empty squares of the grid. And, finally, give your puzzle a name.

After creating the puzzle, you can save it as a template in WSF format for later use. You can also print the puzzle directly from the software itself.

Download Word Search Creator here.

Word Search Creator

word search puzzle creator

The next software in this list has the same name as previous, Word Search Generator. It is an open-source software for Windows. This is a feature pack software that fulfills all your Word Search worksheets needs.

Main highlights of this Word Search Creator:


You can create wordlist and save them for later use. It has an option to import wordlist from a text or HTML file. You can change the wordlist order with various options such as Alphabetical, Original, Word Length and more.


This Word Search Puzzle Creator lets you personalize the visual appearance of your puzzle. It lets you change the text font, font size, and font color. You can select page layout and can also add a footnote to your puzzle.

Word Search

In this software, you can select any desired word directions for your puzzle. You also have the option to delete individual square from the grid to make custom shapes.

After finishing your puzzle, you can play it on-screen and can save it as PDF or image file to your computer. This Word Search Creator also has the option to print the puzzle directly from the software.

Download this Word Search Puzzle Creator software here.

Free Word Search Puzzle Maker


create word search puzzle

Free Word Search Puzzle Maker is the simplest Word Search Puzzle maker software in this list. Its minimal, clean and user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use. But here, you have to compromise additional features for this simplicity.

The software has three sections:

  • Words: This section has 21 boxes where you need to enter words to create a puzzle.
  • Word Search: This section has a fixed 15×15 grid for the puzzle. The ‘Generate‘ button below the grid is to fill up the grid with your words along with random alphabets. From here, you can print your puzzle or can save it as an image (PNG).
  • Help: The Help section just tells you that you are not bound to use 21 words, you can create puzzles with any number of words from 2 to 21.

As this software does not have an option to name your puzzle, so the final output (image/print) only contains the puzzle grid; there is no name or wordlist.

Download this Free Word Search Puzzle Maker software here.

Closing Words:

All these Word Search Puzzle Maker software are easy to use. You can use any of them to create Word Search puzzles. If you just want to create a regular puzzle, use Free Word Search Puzzle Maker. And, if you like to customize your puzzle, give others a try.

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