Stream Netflix In HD With These Free Extensions

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This article covers 2 free Google Chrome extensions to stream Netflix in HD on PC.

If you are a Netflix user, you know that you can not change the video quality from the Play Bar anymore. To change the video quality, you have to go to the Netflix Settings. From there, you can select a default video quality based on your Netflix plan or, you can set it to “Auto” which automatically change the quality based on your connection speed. There is also another option to change the video quality quickly. You can press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S to open Netflix Bitrate Settings and change the video bitrate from there. But, the Netflix Bitrate Settings only shows limited bitrate options and it might change depending on your connection speed.

The extensions covered in this article force the Netflix video quality to HD. They also add extra bitrate options to Netflix Bitrate Settings and force the playback quality to selected bitrate making it independent of network speed. This way, you can easily stream Netflix in HD without messing up with settings. Do note that the maximum video quality options depend on your Netflix subscription plan.

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2 Free Extensions To Stream Netflix In HD Quality:

Super Netflix

stream Netflix in HD

Super Netflix is a free extension for Google Chrome that adds many handy functionalities to Netflix. One of these functionalities is to change the playback video quality. When you play something on Netflix with this extension installed, it shows a toolbar on the screen. The fourth button(Setting icon) on this toolbar is for changing video quality. When you click this button, it opens the Netflix Bitrate Settings with extra bitrate options. From this menu, you can set a video bitrate to override the current bitrate. Higher bitrates mean higher quality. Once you set a higher bitrate, this extension force the playback video quality to that bitrate. This way, you can stream Netflix in HD with this extension.

Add this extension to Google Chrome from here.

Netflix 1080p

stream Netflix in 1080p

Netflix 1080p is another Google Chrome extension that lets you stream Netflix in HD. Once you activate this extension, you don’t have to set any bitrate or video quality from settings. It automatically forces the Netflix video quality to 1080p or 720p depending on your Netflix subscription plan. It also adds extra high bitrate options to Netflix Bitrate Settings. You can still quickly change the video quality by changing the bitrate if you want.

Here is a link to add this extension to Google Chrome.

Wrap Up

These are the 2 free Google Chrome extensions to stream Netflix in HD. These extensions force the video playback to maximum available quality depending on your Netflix plan.

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