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Bright VPN is a free downloadable VPN software supporting a wide range of countries and speeds. It is 100% free and no email or debit / credit card details are required for registration or usage. Bright VPN is also available as a Google Chrome Extension or as an add-on for Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. Links for all of these are available at the end of this article.

Often, when you visit websites for browsing and searching for content, you are exposed to cookies, trackers and more. Additionally, there is an ever-increasing risk of hackers gaining access to your personal and financial data while navigating to banking and related websites, when you transmit such information in public tunnels. Generally, all of this happens if your real IP address is revealed, or your connection isn’t secure.

Bright VPN offers a solution in such critical cases.  It protects your privacy by concealing your real IP address so that you remain an absolute 100% anonymous and cannot be tracked using cookies and similar stuff. Attackers can’t target you if your IP address and network cannot be located. Bright VPN also encrypts your data and secures your net connection while browsing, so that no one else has access to your sensitive data. At the same time, it does not track or store logs of your data content, traffic destination etc. on its servers.

All it takes is roughly 40 seconds for you to gain anonymity after which you can access any website (gaming, shopping, media-streaming etc.) while remaining safe and secure.

I downloaded and tested Bright VPN and found that it does hide your VPN and is very easy to use. There are hardly any settings that you need to configure.

How it Works:

1. Download and install the software or the Extension / Addon using the links available at the end of this article.

2. Your real IP address and Country location will be displayed by Bright VPN when it is ‘Off.

Bright VPN Real IP address

3. Click and Select the Country from where you wish to be visible rather than your real location from the drop-down at the bottom.

4. Toggle the VPN to the ‘On’ position.

5. In just a few seconds, your real IP address will be masked (hidden), and an proxy one will be issued. Nobody can track you by this IP address as it is supplied by Bright VPN and can be traced back to the VPN server only.

Bright VPN Hidden IP

6. You can use to verify if you Real IP address and Geolocation is indeed hidden from the public.


Bright VPN is certainly free for as long as you like it, but all of this comes at a non-monetary price. In exchange for the free VPN service, you need to allow the parent company, Bright Data, to access the Web from your IP address, and view / collect publicly available data like prices of products, online ads, flight information and more. This data is used by large companies performing research on the web who would like things to appear on the Web as if an ordinary person is navigating it. For more information on Bright VPN use cases and how they collect public web data through your device, you can click here.


There are a number of good VPNs available in the market like Nord VPN, Express VPN and more but all of them are paid. Bright VPN comes totally free of cost, works like a charm, and masks your Real IP address using a proxy one. If you are okay with public data being collected through your device by their parent company, then this VPN should be an excellent choice for you.

Go ahead and use the following links to download and install Bright VPN

Click here for the Standalone software:

Click here to Mozilla Firefox Add-on

Click here for Microsoft Edge Add-on

Click here for Opera Add-on

Click here for Google Chrome Extension:

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 4.5]
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