How to Turn Documents Into Practice Activities for Students?

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This article covers a method to turn documents into practice activities for students. This is possible with Knowt, a platform for teachers to make assignments automatically. It is a fully-featured platform where teachers can create online classrooms and bring their students from Google Classroom or invite via a link.

The primary focus of the platform is on assignments and practice activities. Teachers can add documents or articles and turn them into flashcards, quizzes, fill in blanks, etc. It lets you define the number and types of questions you want in the assignment with proper grading. Once the assignment is ready, teachers can publish it in their classroom with due dates. So, let’s check it to have an in-depth look.

How to Turn Documents Into Practice Activities for Students?

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How to Turn Documents Into Practice Activities for Students?

To get started with Known, you have to create a teacher account. You can create a teacher account here and it is absolutely free. After creating a teacher account, you can create online classrooms. While creating the classroom, you have to add details like which class it is, how many sections are there, grades and cutoff. You can also color-code different types of assignments as well.

create your classroom on known

After creating the classroom, you get the classroom interface where you get options to add students and create and share assignments. From the Students section, you can connect with Google Classroom to import your students. You can also create a URL to the classroom and use that to invite the students directly in case you don’t want to connect with Google Classroom.

add students from google classroom or share class url

Once the class is onboard, simply click this notes icon from the left side. This opens aaa editor where you can paste your document or type the notes.

turn documents into practice activities

After adding the document, click this “Flashcards” button from the top to create practice assignments from the documents. Before creating the assignment, it identifies terms from the documents and runs those by you for accuracy. After that, it asks you to enter a name for the assignment along with assignment type and view options.

documents to flashcard

Before generating an assignment, you can select the assignment length to select the total number of questions, add points, randomized questions, make the assignment mandatory, and much more. Last  but not least, you can select which type of questions you want to include in the assignment from the followings:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Historical Ordering
  • True/False

publish or schedule your activity
Once the practice assignment is ready, you can publish it in the online classroom. While publishing the assignment, you add the start and due dates and time. You can download the assignment as a PDF and get a sharing link to it as well.

Closing Words

This is how you can turn documents into practice activities for students. The initial setup takes some time but is simple and straightforward. After that, you can create assignments within minutes and share them with the class. This platform can take care of the grading as well making it a bit easier for teachers. Eventually, teachers can keep records of all their assignments and grading.

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