Generate Ready-to-Use Email Marketing Templates for Your Website Free

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Smart Templates is a dynamic email template creation engine by Mailify that generates email marketing templates from a URL. This free tool allows you to create ready-to-use email templates for your websites in seconds.  You just have to enter your website URL to get the templates that you can customize with logo, color, content, and more.

Currently, this tool generates 14 ready-to-use email marketing templates addressing different needs like Welcome, Sales, Gift Card, Newsletter, Product, Shopping Cart, Outlook, and more. All those templates have your website logo on them following the primary color of your website. The templates are responsive and have actual content that you can customize as per your liking and then use the template for your needs.

Automatically Create Email Marketing Templates for Your Website Free

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Generate Ready-to-Use Email Marketing Templates from a URL

With Smart Templates, you can get ready-to-use email marketing templates within seconds. All you have to do is enter the URL to the website for which you want marketing email templates. When you do that, it fetches information from your website including logo and primary color and offers you 14 responsive templates ready to use.

smart templates for email marketing

It gives you templates for COVID-19, Black Friday, Welcome, Gift Card, Newsletter, Sales, Product, Shopping Cart, Outlook, Notifications, Birthday, Announcement, Confirmation, and Corporate. Along with the template, it shows the URL with a style guide covering the logo and primary color. You can customize the style right here and also later while editing the template.

create email marking templates from url

From here, you can pick a template of your choice and get it. But if you like to customize the entire template you can do that do too by creating an account.

email marketing templates for your website free

This opens the templates in a drag and drops editor where you can customize each and every aspect of the template. You can edit the content, add items add stylings. The editor also gives you a toggle to check the template for mobile. Furthermore, you can also send the finalize email template to an email address for testing.

Closing Words

Writing a marking email is a responsibility where you have to make sure that the email would serve its purpose. Smart Templates ease this task by generating ready-to-use marking emails that you can use right away. It gives you actually content with your logo and color so barely have to do anything. Even if you still want to customize something, the drag and drop editor makes it simple and easy.

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