Free Online Sleep Disorder Calculator For Initial Screening

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This post covers a free online sleep disorder calculator for an initial screening. Sleeping is crucial for overall health and well-being. Having a good night’s sleep can have great benefits beyond simply feeling rested. Adequate sleep allows the body to repair and rejuvenate itself. Whereas, lack of sleep can lead to several conditions and illness.

Alora’s Sleep Disorder Calculator provides a personalized risk assessment for common sleep disorders based on sleep habits, lifestyle factors, and symptoms. It can help you determine the probability of sleep disorder. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your sleeping schedule, sleeping hours, age, etc. Based on all, it shows the chances of sleep disorder along with other conditions.

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Free Online Sleep Disorder Calculator

Alora’s Sleep Disorder Calculator is a helpful tool for people not having enough sleep. It takes you through a few simple steps where you have to add your information and assess your sleeping patterns to predict sleeping disorders.

Step 1

The calculator starts with asking your sleeping information starting with 2 simple questions. The first question asks how quickly you fall asleep. Then it asks how often you wake up at night. Each questions have 3 pre-defined answers where you have to pick the one that is relevant to your sleeping habits.

Step 2

The second step asks for biological information covering gender, height, and weight along with total sleep hours. You have to add your total number of sleep hours there.

Step 3

Third and the last step asks you to upload a picture of your eyes. It opens the camera of your device and asks you to take a close-up picture of your eyes. The website says it does not store your data and only uses it to make predictions. Once you go through all the steps, it provides you with a summary of your sleep disorder prediction.

Your Summary

The website uses a probability scale for sleep disorder prediction. It shows how likely you are to develop a sleep disorder in the next 10 years, 20 years, and 30 years. It also includes a link that prompts you to download the Alora app. This is an app to help users sleep better with ASMR sounds, meditation, sleeping tracking, and other helpful guides.

Along with that, the summary also lists common conditions and illnesses caused by lack of sleep. Based on the text, show your probability of developing those conditions.

Calculate your sleep disorder probability here.

Closing Words

This Sleep Disorder Calculator is a useful tool for those who are having lack of sleep. It can help you predict any sleep disorder that you are likely to develop because of your current sleeping schedule. This is not a clinical diagnosis but it can serve as an initial screening to check the probability and thus seek professional assistance on time.

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