5 Free Maze Generator Websites To Create Maze Puzzle Online

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This article covers 5 free Maze Generator websites. With these websites, you can create Maze Puzzles online and can download them to your computer. Each of these Online Maze Generator have something unique than others. One lets you add themes to your Maze, other gives you more options in grid type, and so on.

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Here Are 5 Free Maze Generator Websites To Create Maze Puzzle Online:


Education.com: online maze generator

Education.com provides online worksheets, lessons, exercises, games and other educational content for students. It has a simple Maze Worksheet Generator to create Maze Puzzle. You can create Maze of Small, Medium, Large, or Very Large size here. It also has an option to select the difficulty level for the Maze.

Apart from that, you can add frames to your Mazes to make them more personalized and eye-catching. In the end, you can download your puzzle along with its answer key as PDF file to your computer.

Create Maze Puzzles with this Online Maze Generator here.


GlassGiant.com: online maze generator

GlassGiant.com is a website full of educational games and fun stuff. It has a Custom Maze Generator tool to create Maze Puzzle online. Rather than having fixed size options for the puzzle, here you can select the number of rows and columns for your puzzle. You can also select the size of the puzzle along with its difficulty level.

In Maze Generator, you can add foreground and background colors to make your puzzle attractive and colorful. It has an option to mark the start and end point on the puzzle. After generating the puzzle, you can download it as PNG file to your computer.

Give this Custom Maze Generator a try here.


MazeGenerator.net: online maze generator

MazeGenerator.net is a dedicated Maze Generator website. Here, you get various options to generate customized Maze Puzzles. You can generate Mazes in rectangular, circular, triangular, and hexagonal shapes. Depending on the selected shape, you get additional options to adjust the size of the Maze.

In this Maze Generator, you get two advance options, E-value and R-value to set the difficulty level. E-value controls the Elitism tendency and R-value controls the River tendency. A puzzle with 100 E-value has short solution path relative to maze size. Decreasing this value increases the solution path length. The R-value is responsible for dead ends in the puzzle. Higher R-value leads to few but long dead ends and lower R-value leads to many but short dead ends in the Maze.

This Maze Generator has a Solution check box for marking the solution path in the puzzle. In the end, you can download your puzzle as PDF, SVG, or PNG file.

Create custom Maze Puzzles with MazeGenerator here.


Donjon.bin.sh: online maze generator

Donjon.bin.sh is an online Labyrinth Maze Generator. A Labyrinth Maze is very similar to normal Maze in appearance. But, rather than having dead ends like normal Maze, a Labyrinth has a non-branching single complex path.

With this online Labyrinth Maze Generator, you can generate completely random as well as customized Mazes. It gives you the options to select the Map Style, Grid, Labyrinth Layout, and Labyrinth Size for creating a customize Labyrinth Maze Puzzle.

After customizing these options, clicking the Generate button opens a new webpage with your puzzle. From there, you can download it as PNG image to your computer.

Create Labyrinth online with this Maze Generator here.


Xefer.com: online maze generator

Xefer.com is a unique Online Maze Generator. The feature which makes this Maze Generator unique is that it not only generates puzzles but can solve them too. It runs an algorithm on the newly generated puzzle to find its solution.

Apart from that, it is a usual Maze Generator with options to set the number of row and columns along with cell size. You can manage the difficulty level of your Maze with the Anfractuosity option. Setting the Anfractuosity high generates Maze with higher difficulty. Although this Maze Generator can solve the puzzle itself, it lacks the option to download the puzzle.

Give this Online Maze Generator a try here.

Closing Words:

All these online Maze maker websites are very easy to work with. Each of these has one or more unique feature(s) than other, so selecting one depends on the user’s need. Give these Maze Generators a try and share your experience in the comments below.

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