Free AI Based tool to Create Images, Posters, Graffiti with Text on Them

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Ideogram is an AI-powered web tool that enables you to create images, posters, graffiti and more with text elements on them. The platform empowers users to craft dynamic and visually appealing images by seamlessly incorporating text with a variety of colors, fonts, sizes, and styles. Additionally, it goes beyond mere text, allowing users to seamlessly blend text with icons, illustrations, and other visual elements.

The standout feature is that the platform is available at no cost, catering to a broad audience ranging from novices to seasoned graphic design professionals. Simply express your vision in natural language and let Ideogram’s AI seamlessly generate text-infused visuals while you sit back and relax. Additionally, Ideogram provides an integrated community platform that allows artists to share, explore, and draw inspiration from one another.


1. Click on this link to head over to Ideogram and register for a free account using your Google credentials.

2. Describe the image that you wish to generate using a natural language prompt and choose the pre-set image generation styles by clicking on any of the corresponding buttons such as Photo, Poster, 3d Render, Illustration, Anime, Graffiti and more.

Describe the image

3. Select the Scale (aspect ratio) using the respective buttons and finally click on ‘Generate’

4. Wait for some time while Ideogram processes your inputs and generates 4 variants of image for you. You can click on any of the generated pictures to view them in full size.

Generated image

Generated image

5. To download the image in JPG format, click on the corresponding icon at the top right. You can also use the generated image as the starting point of a new generation by clicking on the ‘Remix’ button.

Closing Comments:

Ideogram stands out in the digital design landscape and allows you to generate captivating photos, product images, graffiti, posters and more by merging text and graphics.

It appears to be more versatile as compared to MidJourney which has it has a significant limitation of not being good at generating text within images. Go ahead and try out Ideogram and do write to us about what you think. Click here to navigate to Ideogram.

Click here to explore a similar application called ‘Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT Image Generator’. This free online tool harnesses the capabilities of cutting-edge AI models such as MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, and Dream Shaper to accurately transform natural language text prompts into captivating images.

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