Check Your Online Brand Image on Reddit, HackerNews using AI

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This article covers a simple method to check the online brand image on Reddit and Hacker News using AI. The internet is a good place to get collective feedback on anything from a huge audience. From there, you get to know the advantages, use cases, criticism, and feed from the public. And, based on public feedback, you can analyze the brand value. is a free website that can help you check your brand value on the web. With this website, you can check the public feedback from Reddit and HackerNews. All you have to do is enter your brand name or anything that you want to check and select the source and time frame for that. This website gathers all the mentions of your keyword from the respective platform and runs sentimental analysis on them using machine learning. Then, it represents the most popular associations used with that keyword in the form of a wordcloud. The words are color-coded based on the sentiment followed by all the respective mentions as well.

Check Your Online Brand Image on Reddit, HackerNews using AI scapes the relevant information from Reddit/HackerNews and uses AI and ML-based models to detect the tone. It also has a BERT based sentiment analysis option that offers more accurate results but takes some time to compile and process the results.

check your online brand image using AI

When you search your brand or keyword, it takes a few seconds to gather the mentions from the selected source as per the selected time frame. It fetches up 200 mentions per page. If three are more than 200 mentions, you can load them in the sets of 200. The wordcloud shows all the associated words color-coded by the tone. It uses Green for Positive tone, Red for Negative tone, and Grey for Neutral tone.

check your brand image on Reddit, HackerNews

Below the wordcloud, it shows you all the mentions. You can click on a word or scroll down to see the actual message. The message also shows the subject and timestamp. The timestamp is clickable which leads to the original post on the respective platform.

Wrap Up is a useful website that can help you picturize your brand image on the web. It provides a quick way to know the advantages, use cases, criticism, and feedback from the public on your brand or anything. Give it a try and share your opinion with us in the comments.

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