5 Online Stencil Maker Websites Free

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In this article, I will cover 5 free online stencil maker websites.

With these websites, you can easily make custom stencil texts. You can choose different fonts for your stencil and download the final output as an image.

These websites also give you options to personalize your stencil. Most of them let you choose a color for your stencil text whereas the others let you try different text alignments. This way you can get custom stencil here and personalize it accordingly.

So, let’s discuss these websites one by one.

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Here Are 5 Online Stencil Maker Websites Free:


online stencil maker free

RapidResizer.com is a free website where you can make beautiful art and craft design. It has a free stencil maker which you can use to make your stencil. The tool is simple and easy to use. First, enter your text in the text box. Then, select the desired font for your stencil from its well-categorized font collection. A preview of the output is shown in the preview panel on the right side. You can increase/decrease its size simply by dragging your mouse cursor up/down on the output stencil text. It also lets you add color to your stencil. You can set a border and a fill-up color for your stencil here. After finalizing everything, you can download your stencil or share it on social media directly from there.

Give this online stencil maker a try here.


online stencil maker

StencilGenerator.com is a free website to generate stencil online. The stencil making process involves three simple steps. First, enter your letters for the stencil. In the second step, you have to select a stencil style. There are 9 different styles to choose from. The third step is to personalize the stencil as per your needs. Here, you can set the image size for the stencil output and select font size. You can also select stencil font color and background as well. If you don’t need a background color in your stencil, simply select white as the background color. After that, you can generate your stencil and download it as a PNG file.

Check out this online stencil maker here.


free online stencil maker

WoodGears.ca is another stencil maker website. Here, you can make stencil blocks which means each letter can have its own individual block. To make a stencil, simply type your letters, select a font and enter the size for it. You can also try different text alignments and choose a color for your stencil from limited options. Here, you can also define the space size between letters and add text shadow and grid lines. And, if you want two or more letters in a single block, you can do that by adding an underscore (‘_’) between them.

You can try this online stencil maker here.


online stencil maker

FontMeme is an online collection of fonts and typography resources. Among its font and typography collection, it has a collection of stencil fonts featuring over 20 different stencil fonts. You can easily make stencil here using any of these fonts. Moreover, you can color your stencil and add a visual effect with color grading. When you generate your stencil text, it gives you a PNG file along with an HTML embed code to add it on a web page.

Here is the link to try this online stencil maker.


online stencil maker

StencilEase.com is an online stencil designer website. Here, you can make a stencil and order its print. You can also download the stencil after generating a preview. To do that, follow the 7 simple steps given there. In these steps, it asks you to enter your stencil letters, select a font and adjust its dimensions and alignments as per your requirement. You can also divide the stencil into different manageable sections. After that, you can generate a preview of your stencil and download it as GIF file.

Try this online stencil maker here.

Wrap Up

All these stencil maker websites are free and simple to use. You can easily make stencils using any of these websites. I personally prefer RapidResizer because it is very straightforward to use and offers lots of attractive fonts. Go, give them a try and let us know which one you like and why.

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