5 Free Websites With Vegan Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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This article covers 5 free websites with a vegan diet plan for weight loss.

When people want to lose weight, they might consider trying a vegan diet. The vegan diet food items are low in calories. The regular calorie-dense food items like meat, egg, fish, dairy products, etc. are replaced by high-fiber alternatives. If you keep the calories low, you can lose the weight with a vegan diet.

The websites covered here provides you low-calorie vegan diets which you can follow in order to lose weight. There are full day vegan diets including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and extra add-ons. Some of these websites provide a 7-day vegan diet plan specially designed for weight loss. So, let’s check out these websites one by one and see what kind of vegan diet plan they have.

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5 Free Websites with Vegan Diet  Plan for Weight Loss:


vegan diet plan for weight loss

PCRM is Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that provides food and nutrition information along with other clinical topics and research. This website has a three-week vegan diet plan for healthy weight loss. First, it gives you all the necessary information on vegan diets and how a vegan diet helps you lose weight. Then, it gives you a low-fat weight loss vegan diet chart. In that chart, it tells you about all the vegan food grounds and their serving recommendations.

This website also gives you information on condiments and beverages and tells you which food you should avoid. At last, it gives you weight loss vegan diet suggestions. It lists all the possible vegan food items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On top of that, it suggests you other ideas and food add-ons you can eat without affecting your diet. It also gives you healthy snacks suggestions in case you can’t avoid snacks.

Know more about this vegan diet plan for weight loss here.


7 days vegan diet plan for weight loss

As the name suggests, StyleCraze.com is a website all about style covering makeup, hairstyle, skin care to health and wellness. This website has a 7-day vegan diet plan for weight loss. According to that diet plan, your calorie consumption is fixed for each day. In the diet plans, it suggests you the meal timings throughout the day along with what to eat. After each day’s diet, it explains how that diet can help you reduce weight. This goes for all the 7 days. In the end, this website suggests you some exercises which you can do every day for more effective weight loss. This website also explains the types of vegan diets and how you can plan a proper vegan meal. It also explains the benefits of a vegan diet which might keep you going in case you are not a vegan.

Read more about this vegan diet plan for weight loss here.


1 week vegan diet plan for weight loss

VeryWellFit.com is a health focused website where you can find health-related tools and information. This website has a “One-Week Sample Vegan Diet Plan”. In this diet plan, first, it tells what to expect when you begin a vegan meal plan. Then, it gives you the actual diet plan. This vegan diet plan is creative and unique. It dedicates each day to some non-vegan food items that people love to eat. Then, the vegan diet for that day is constructed around that keeping health benefits in mind. Here is some brief info about this diet plan:

  • Day 1: Vegan Meal Plan for a Meat Lover
  • Day 2: Vegan Meal Plan for a Dairy Lover
  • Day 3: Vegan Meal Plan for a Bread Lover
  • Day 4: Vegan Meal Plan to Satisfy Snacker
  •  Day 5: Vegan Meal Plan for a Sweet Tooth
  • Day 6: Vegan Meal Plan for a Typical Eater

Give this 6-day vegan diet plan for weight loss a read here.


7 days weight loss diet plan for vegans

WeightLossResources.co.uk provides informational resources and tools for human body health and wellness. Most of the resources here are focused on weight loss and suggests you diet plans and exercises  for loosing weight. This website has a 7-day vegan diet plan for weight loss. For each say, it suggests you three meals which you can cook at home. It lists all the ingredients for each meal and shows you the recipes as well. With this diet plan, you can cook healthy and fresh vegan meals at your home and reduce your weight by sticking with the healthy vegan diet.

Know more about this vegan diet plan for weight loss here.


vegan diet plan for weight loss

The Food section of the NDTV website also provides food related informational resources, news, new recipes, and more. It has an article on Vegan Diet Plans that helps you shed extra weight. Instead of having a full one-week diet plan, it suggests 2 regular vegan diet plans. You can follow any of these diet plans every day. Having two diet plans give you a choice for the meals. Depending on your mood and what meal is available, you can choose any of these diet plans for the day. Apart from the diet plan, it also suggests you vegan substitutes for protein and explains their heath benefits.

You can get this vegan diet plan for weight loss from here.

Closing Words:

All these websites have a good vegan diet plan for weight loss. The diet plans are well-detailed and the quantity you have to take is also mentioned for each food item. Check out each of them to find a perfect vegan diet plan for yourself.

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