5 Free Online Diacritic Remover Websites for Text

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A Diacritical mark or Diacritics is a glyph (purposeful mark) that is added to a letter to show how it sounds when you read it out aloud. Diacritics, also called accents, usually appear below or above a letter and sometimes in other positions as well such as within the letter or between two letters and help in changing the sound-values of the letter to which they are attached. For example, The word café has a diacritical mark above the alphabet ‘e’ that tells you to pronounce it as ‘ay’.

Diacritical marks are very essential to a character to ensure that the words that carry them can be pronounced correctly. But, they can make certain functionalities more complicated. For example, you may develop a program that allows users to search for persons by their names. If you overlook the probability that some names too may include diacritics, then the search would skip potential matches and provide incorrect results. A search for ‘Diaz’ may not locate a person with the name ‘Díaz’ that has an accent above the letter ‘i’.

One way to avoid this problem and a host of other complications is to remove the diacritical marks from the text. In this article we will be exploring 5 websites that you can use to remove diacritical marks from text. The process followed by all the websites is the same. You just need to submit the text containing the accents and the web application will remove the diacritical marks without modifying anything else in the content.

1. OnlineTextTools – Text Diacritics Remover

This is a simple website that hosts several text related tools such as Split text, Indent text, Truncate text, Reverse words, Remove random words / letters from text and many more including a Text Diacritics Remover. All that you need to do is paste the text containing the diacritical marks in the input text box or alternatively import the text from a file on your computer. The diacritics will be removed instantly without clicking any button and the resulting text will be available in the box towards the right. You can save it as a text file or copy to the clipboard and use wherever required.

If you wish to keep some diacritics in the text intact, you can mention those in the ‘Ignore symbols’ box and the website will remove all the other accents other than those that you have asked to ignore.

Click here to navigate to the Text Diacritics Remover by OnlineTextTools.


2. Diacritics Remover from Paranoiaworks

Let’s move on to the next equally simple website to remove accents from text. This application is completely client-side and has been developed in JavaScript. Due to this, your data is processed in the browser itself and no part of it ever leaves your system.

The functionality is almost the same as the previous website. Just paste your text in the text box and click on the button ‘Remove Diacritics’. Observe that all the diacritical marks will be removed instantly in the same text box without altering the content.

If you find some accent mark (untransformable character) that the application is not able to understand or remove, you can replace it with another character that you can specify in the box at the bottom.

To navigate to this tool, you can click here.

Diacritics Remover with original text

Diacritics Remover with accents removed

3. Diacritics Removal Tool from AlejTech

This simple website too allows you to easily remove diacritical marks from text. It also helps you to remove unnecessary spaces from filenames. Just paste the original text containing the diacritics and click on the ‘Process’ button at the bottom.

All the diacritical marks from your text will be removed instantly and the resultant text will be provided in another box below the original one so that you can mutually compare them.

Click here to navigate to this tool.

AlejTech Diacritical Remover

4. Remove Text Accents from Browserling.

This is yet another simple tool to eliminate diacritical marks from text easily and quickly. It has been made available by Browserling who are also the creators of the famous PNG utilities website namely, OnlinePNGTools.

Just paste the accented text in the text box and click on the ‘Delete Accents’ button. All the diacritics will be removed instantly in the same text box. You can click on the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button and use the resulting text wherever you require.

Click here to use this diacritics remover tool.

Browserling with original text

Browserling with diacritics removed

5. Remove Accent from MiniWebTool

Let’s move on to the last diacritics remover tool from a website called MiniWebTool that provides a host of extremely handy and simple tools like online calculators, converters, utilities and text tools such as Diacritical Remover and several others.

Just paste the text that contains the diacritical marks in the text box and click on ‘Remove Accents’. All the diacritics will be removed instantly from your text and the resulting text will be provided in a box below. You can copy this text to the clipboard and use it wherever required. Alternatively, you can also save the text as a JPG or PDF file by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Click here to navigate to this tool.

Diacritics Remover MiniWebTool

Final Thoughts:

You can use any of the free online tools that we have listed above to remove the Diacritical Marks from text. Since the functionality is quite simple, there is not much difference in the way these tools operate.

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