Add Cinematic Color Grading to Video with These Free LUTs Packs

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A LUT is Lookup Table is a modifier between two images. A LUT file contains a set of number that deliberately changes the colors of an image based on a mathematical formula. LUTs are used to quickly add color grading to videos. You can use LUTs in popular video and photo editors directly or by using a LUT manager extension.

In this article, I compiled a list of 5 websites where you can get free cinematic LUTs. Each of these LUTs packs contains a PDF file that guides you how to use the LUTs within respective software. Once all set, you can directly apply the LUTs to RAW files and make great looking videos without spending much time on grading the video.

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5 Websites to Get Free Cinematic LUTs for Video Editing:

free cinematic LUTs

The first website on this list is Although this website offers various resources for video editing needs the main resource is LUTs. It offers completely free LUTs which you can download in any supported video editor. Here is a list of LUTs collections this website offers:

  • The Vintage & Film Collection
  • The Warm Collection
  • The Cold Collection
  • The High Key Collection
  • The Dark Collection
  • The Colorized Collection
  • The Duotone Collection
  • The Monochrome Collection
  • The Black and White Collection

Each of these collection features 6, 9, or 12 LUTs. Each LUT is different from the others. You can select a LUT to read about it and see a preview. From there, you can download that LUT by entering your email ID. Once you do that, this website emails you the LUT as a ZIP file on your email address.

Download these free cinematic LUTs from here.

cinematic LUTs for video editing

The next website to get free cinematic LUTs on this list is This website offers all types of free resources for Final Cut Pro X. It has a large library of LUTs which is sorted in the following categories:

  • Cinematic
  • Color Grading
  • Camera
  • Color Conversion
  • Color Correction
  • Filmic
  • Flat look
  • Heat
  • Log Color
  • Warm

You can browse the LUTs with these categories and further sort them with alphabetically. Most of the LUTs featured on this website are from external sources; some of them are completely free whereas some offer free samples.

You can download free cinematic LUTs from here.

cinematic LUTs for color grading videos is an online community for photographers that also offers photo editing apps. This website is full of both, free and paid resources and tutorials related to photo and video editing. It put together a set of 8 LUTs collections categorized as:

  • Cinematic LUTs
  • Color Boost LUTs
  • Nature & Wildlife LUTs
  • Black & White LUTs
  • Landscape LUTs
  • Lifestyle & Commercial LUTs
  • Moody LUTs
  • Portrait LUTs

Each of these LUTs collections offers 10 free LUTs. With the Preview button alongside the LUT collection, you can scroll through the previews the LUTs of that collection. And, with the Download button, you can download the entire collection as a ZIP file with all 10 LUTs in it.

Get free cinematic LUTs for video color grading from here.

Free LUTs for video editing is a website by Shutterstock that provides free and paid video elements and After Effects templates. Most of the content featured on this website is paid. But, from time to time, this website offers freebies to the users. The freebies section has a collection of 35 free LUTs for color grading videos. You can download all the 35 LUTs at once packed in a ZIP file. These LUTs covers several different cinematic and vintage color grading which you can import to a supported video editor and apply to your video.

Grab these free cinematic LUTs for video editing from here.

add cinematic color grading to videos using LUTs

The next website to get free cinematic LUTs for video editing is It is another website by Shutterstock that provides royalty-free music. There is a blog post on this website that lists 29 free LUTs for videos. The blog gives you brief details about all the LUTs along with a preview picture and link to download the LUT. As PremiumBeat deals with music only so, all these LUTs are from external sources. You can follow the source by a given link and download the LUTs from there.

Download these free cinematic LUTs for video editing from here.

Closing Words:

These are the 5 websites to get free cinematic LUTs for video editing. LUTs save you lots of time that otherwise, you have to spend on manually grading the video. Check out these LUTs to add cinematic and other great looking grades to video and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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