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Wolfram Tones is a free ringtone maker that lets you easily create custom ringtones for free.

These days, a normal phone ringtone isn’t enough. There is now ringtone software everywhere on the internet to ensure that the ringtone you use is exciting and different. Wolfram Tones is another one of these examples of free ringtone software.

Wolfram Tones allows you to randomly generate free ringtones based on a certain genre using its computational knowledge engine, made for the Wolfram search engine. This lets you generate unique ringtones, instead of creating ringtones from Youtube videos, and creating ringtones from MP3 songs.

The free ringtones produced will nearly always be unique in that it is very unlikely that two randomly produced melodies would sound exactly the same. Thus, it is an excellent way to help vary your ringtone.

The easy to use interface of Wolfram Tones.

Unique and Original Free Ringtones

The main advantage of this free ringtone generator is that the ringtone software has a wide variety of genres on offer and produces a massive range of different tunes. It is strongly likely that every single time you run the free ringtone software, you will get a different melody.

This is excellent as it means you can change your ringtone regularly without it seeming like just the same tune with a slightly different note here and there. It is a completely different composition. In theory, the possible compositions are endless as there is such a huge number of potential sounds and beats.


Overall, this free ringtones software is an excellent idea and definitely something that is worth using at least once. Initially, you will be surprised at how unique the compositions generated by Wolfram Tones are. Variety like that is not normally devised by a computer program, let alone one that is more of a side project than a main product.

So it is definitely a free ringtone generator that I would recommend you use if you want to inject some variety and change into your selection of mobile phone ringtones. Another interesting way to generate unique ringtones is to create your own tracks using Myna, and then convert them to ringtones.

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