Free Player for UVI Soundbanks with Built-in Effects, Arpeggiator

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This article covers a free player for UVI soundbanks with built-in effects, arpeggiator, and more. UVI Workstation is a free multitimbral instrument tool by UVI itself that lets you connect, play, record, and edit all UVI soundbanks and instruments. The purpose of this player is to help people easily optimize their workflows in real-time with a clear and well-sorted layout and unlimited parts for live performance.

Apart from connecting an actual instrument, this player is a fully-fledged synthesizer covering pianos, orchestras, choirs, drum machines, vintage synths, and much more. This player has a 3 tab layout where you can edit sound clips, add effects, and arpeggiate the sounds. It also has a mixed layout (called multi-mode) where you can access all the features on a single screen which is best suited for live performances.

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Free Player for UVI Soundbanks with Built-in Effects, Arpeggiator

This player opens in single-mode by default starting at the Edit section. Initially, the screen is empty with an option to load music and MIDIs on top. You can also use this player with an actual instrument as well. In either case, it loads each input in parts and you can add unlimited parts to it. For example, you can load a saved file in one part and connect an instrument input to another part. Then, you can easily switch between them, mix, edit, and produce music.

As I said, this player opens in single-mode with Edit, Effects, and ARP sections. And, if you need more control then you can switch to multi-mode where it fuses all the sections into a single UI.


UVI Workstation Edit

In the Edit section, it opens your tunes on a time where you can edit them. You can edit keys, tempo, course, fine, sync, triggers, speed, and more. You can look for functions and tag them for ease. Furthermore, you limit the range of any particular section and re-arrange parts by key switches.


UVI Workstation Effects

In the effect section, you can create effect presets and parts. This player offers a full suite of dynamics, EQ, reverbs, filters, distortions, delays and many other types of effects. You can browse the effect from the library and add them to the preset or the part where you can customize them as per your needs.


UVI Workstation ARP

The arpeggiator (ARP) section offers a wide range of arp presets covering Basic, Creative, Chords, Line and Triplet. You can browse these ARP types and select an ARP and customize it for your tunes. From the top of the player, you can also enable a MIDI keyboard which you can use to create step through a sequence of notes.

Closing Words

UVI Workstation is an all-in-one digital synthesizer that offers a great deal of versatility and allows you to create music the way you want. It packs lots of presets covering almost every type of musical instrument. If it misses something, you can always download those synths, effects, and presets and add them to it. And the fact that you can easily create real-time workflow combining instruments and saved files makes it a really good multitimbral instrument tool which would be great for live performances.

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