Online Interactive Project Planner with Work Schedule for Small Teams

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Planning is crucial to complete a project on time without missing anything. Having a clear and detailed project plan gives you the insight of the project and helps equally distribute the work among the team without overloading particular employees.

In this article, I covered an online interactive project planner which can deliver all the benefits of project planning in a neat and colorful design. The free version lets you add up to 5 team members to plan projects and schedule workload. With this online tool, you can visualize your project plans and interactive with the visualization to add and assign new tasks and make changes to the existing tasks. Let’s check it out in details.

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Interactive Project Planner with Work Schedule:

Blesk is an online project planner which visualizes all your project plans in an interactive and color-coded layout. The dashboard of this project planner has two sections; one for Schedule and other for the Projects.

In the Project section, you can create new projects and plan them accordingly. You can add employees and group them as per their departments (programming, designing, accounting, etc.) or tasks. The project interface has a daily calendar divided into sections for each employees-group. At the bottom right corner, it has an option to create new groups. The right side is for the tasks which lists all the unassigned tasks along with an option to create new tasks. Each new task you create from the task section is listed under the unassigned tasks. You can drag and drop the unassigned tasks to the calendar and assign them.

project planner with work schedule

A right-click on a calendar task opens task properties where you can rename task, select group, employees, set the task timing, add duration, and chose a color for it. You can also add tasks by simply tapping on a desired location on the calendar; the rest of the process is same. This way, you can create as many project plans as you want and plan them with your team.

The Schedule section has two options:

Project View

project planner with work schedule

The Project View visualize all the project on the calendar in a simplified Gantt chart view. It uses the default project color to differentiate the tasks of each project. Here, you can have an overview of all the tasks in one place. You can edit any task and add new tasks as well.

Team View

project planner with work schedule

The Team View shows you the same thing as Project View but for the employees. Here, you can see which employee is working on which task, who to add work, and who to unload. Depending on your situation, holidays, or anything, you can easily increase or decrease the duration by a simple click and drag. For each employee, load for each day is displayed using colored markers. This helps in optimal task distribution and overloading of employees can be avoided.

From the settings, you can change the time zone, select the first day of the week, add daily working hours, and set the weekend days as per your company. You can also define percentage level to mark a task as deficit or overload. It also gives you an option to share project plans with other using a shareable link.

Give this project planner a try here.

Closing Words:

Blesk is a nice online project planner that visualize all the projects as interactive Gantt chart. It’s easy to add tasks and optimally distribute the work among the team. Go ahead, give it a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 10 Average: 4.7]

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