How to Create GIFs with Motion Tracking Text or Image?

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This article covers a method to create GIFs with motion tracking text or image for free. Motion tracking is an advanced technology that generally requires special editing tools like After Effects, etc. But if your requirements are limited to GIFs instead of high-resolution videos then here is a tool that can come in handy. is an online tool to create GIF memes. This free tool allows lets you motion track any moving object in the GIF and add text or image on top of that. You can simply type the text or upload an image, place it on the moving object, and then use the auto-track feature for motion tracking. It also offers manually tracking where you can track the motion frame by frame and mobe your text or image with it. So, let’s check out how it’s done.

gif with motion tracked text

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Create GIFs with Motion Tracking Text or Image makes it easy to add motion tracking text or image on top of any moving object in a GIF. It has a template gallery where you can find memes that you can use in your project. There is an option to sign in with Google that allows you to keep a collection of your memes saved with your account. But the sign-in is not necessary, you can use the tool without an account too.

browset emplates for gif memes

GIF CREATOR is where the magic happens. To get started, you can either pick a GIF from the template gallery. Or, you can create a new project to use your own GIF. You can fetch a GIF via URL or upload it from your local storage. After uploading the GIF, you get a preview with a timeline at the bottom and a bunch of options at the top.

add text or image on the gif

With the given options, you can add text or images to the GIF. You can add multiple text and images, each item appears on the timeline where you can set their time. You can keep them still or track the motion of any moving object.

track motion of moving objects

Motion tracking is simple. When you add a text or image, you get a popup where you can customize the properties of the item you added (text or image). Below the properties, you get options to animate the item and track motion. The motion tracking offers two options: Auto Track and frame by frame tracking. You can try the Auto Track option first and if it does not work for you then you can track the motion frame by frame and move your item as per the moving object with each frame. Similarly, you can add as many items as you want and add motion tracking to each of them.

Once done, you can add a title or watermark to the GIF and then export it. The export offers you the output in two formats, GIF, Webm video.

Closing Words

This is a nice tool to create motion tracking GIFs within minutes. It allows you to create GIFs with quite precise motion tracking for memes or any other purpose. The template library can come in handy to find ideas for making memes. Otherwise, you can just upload your GIF and proceed with that.

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