Free tool to generate Anime Art, Landscapes from Text Prompt using AI

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ImgCreator is a Free Online tool that you can use to generate Anime Art, Landscapes, Realistic Photos, Illustrations and more using only a text prompt by way of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based ‘Text to Image’ model.

You will not be drawing the image through the use of any graphics software because they will be automatically created from the natural language text that you input. But the essential thing to remember here is that your creative text inputs definitely have a bearing in the image outcome. You can imagine that you are putting your language talent to work by curating the text prompts to generate the best possible images.

In recent times, there has been a rapid increase in the number of AI-based text to image generators due to a rise in its popularity and usage. There are several such generators on the world wide web that have been provided free of cost and ImgCreator is definitely one of the good ones among them.


  1. Category: You can choose to generate a variety of image categories such as Realistic photos, 3d Render designs, Anime art, Landscapes and more
  2. Angle: You can select from a variety of angles like Closeup, Portrait, Aerial view and more depending upon your requirements in order to create a perfect image.
  3. Light: You can select the lighting conditions like Warm lighting, Cold lighting, Midday etc for your image. The location and quality of light has a bearing on several things in your final image.
  4. Camera Lens: You can select from a variety of choices and techniques for the camera lens such as Motion blur, Wide angle lens. Fast shutter speed etc
  5. Usage Context: You can select where you will be using the AI based images in order to generate a perfect match. The available choices in the drop down are highly-detailed photograph on Flickr, highly-detailed life style image on Instagram and more.

The free version of ImgCreator gives you 100 credits for image generation (2 credits per image) and an image size of 512 x 512 pixels. To overcomes this limitation and for access to a range of features, you must subscribe to their paid plans. Note that the image credits are not utilized at all if you are generating Anime, Art and Landscape photos. Click here to learn more about the paid plans.

How it Works:

1. Click on the link provided at the end of this article to navigate to ImgCreator

2. Choose if you want to opt for Basic image generation or Freeform. In the Freeform option, no further image inputs will be available, and you can simply provide the input text and get the image generated quickly without wasting any time. For Basic image generation, some of the required inputs have been given below. Remember that the inputs will change depending on the Image Category that you have selected.

3. Type or paste the image description using natural language and a maximum of 400 characters. In order to generate the best results, you must use highly creative as well as descriptive text that can define the type of image that you are visualizing.

4. Select the Image Category that you desire to generate like Realistic photo, Anime, Art and more.

Image Category

5. Choose the Angle of the image using the drop-down choices such as Portrait, Closeup etc.

Image Angle

6. Choose the Lighting condition for the image like Overcast, Midday, Studio lighting and more using the next drop-down menu.

Image Lighting

7. Next you can select the options for the Camera Lens from the available choices like Motion blur, Wide angle etc.

Camera Lens

8. You must remember that not all the above inputs will be available for generating the image. It depends upon the Category of image that you wish to generate.

9. Verify all the above choices that you have made and click on the ‘Create‘ button.

10. ImgCreator will take a couple of seconds while it uses its Ai algorithms at the end of which two images will be presented to you.

Text to Image generation 1

11. You can click on the image to see an enlarged view. To download the image as a PNG file, click on the ‘Download’ icon available at the bottom of the image.

Download image

12. To share the image on Twitter or Reddit or by way of a web link, hover the mouse on the image and click on ‘Share’

Share Image

Closing Comments:

ImgCreator is a very good Text to Image generator based on AI with customized inputs like Camera lens, Lighting, Angle and more to get the perfect picture to match your content and work.

Click here to navigate to ImgCreator.

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