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IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System. It is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that works similarly to BitTorrent. IPFS file addresses are very long and hard to remember so using a link shortening service for that makes sense. It gives you more tidy and memorable URLs that are easy to share. is a free link-shortening service for IPFS files. This service allows you to quickly generate a self-destructive shorten links for IPFS file or hash. All you have to do is upload the file or paste the hash value of the file and this service creates a short link for that.

Free Link Shortening Service for IPFS Files also has an optional detonation setting where you can set an expiry date and limit the number of views for the link. Once the link passed either of those (total views or expire interval), it automatically gets destroyed along with your file. This allows you to easily share sensitive content through an encrypted network along with the fidelity to revoke access based on views or time.

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Free Link Shortening Service for IPFS Files does not require any account or sign up which makes it a super-fast service to shorten IPFS file addresses. The website gives you an option to upload the file or paste the IPFS hash that you want to short right away on the homepage.

IPFS link shortening

You can either upload a file or paste an existing IPFS hash. The maximum file size is limited to 5 MB and the file you submit here is encrypted and pinned to IPFS. Then, you can set the detonation condition for the link. You can set the allowed number of views anywhere from 1 to 10000 along with a sharing time interval from 30 minutes to 1 month. Once, any of these value is reached,  the shorten link is destroyed automatically.

free service to short IPFS links

Once you submit a file or IPFS hash, this service generates a new hash, encryption key, and exploding short link. You can copy the shorten link from here and use that tidy URL to share your IPFS file.

Shorten IPFS links here.

Wrap Up

With this service, you can easily generate shorten links for IPFS content addresses. This allows you to use a short tidy URL to share your file instead of a long IPFS content address. I really admire the detonation feature; it allows you to set expiry conditions for your file which is ideal for sharing sensitive content. Give this service a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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