Free SEO Software to Check Broken Links, HTML Errors, CSS Errors

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This article covers a comprehensive SEO software to check broken links, HTML & CSS errors, spellings, and more. Initially, this tool was paid and made completely free recently. As a result, there is no technical support available for the free users but it’s not that big of a deal.

Deep Trawl is free SEO software that can check a website (either by URL or by uploading a file) for numerous SEO-related check such as broken links, missing images, HTML and CSS validation, spelling, profanity, etc. This tool lets you run custom checks on a website. You can select which checks you want to perform from the given list of checks and create new checks as well. Furthermore, you can define the scope for the checks, run it on the domain, sub-domains, directory, or a custom selection. This software doesn’t stop at checks; it provides you a full report for each check along with options and suggestions for correction.

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Free SEO Software to Check Broken Links, HTML Errors, CSS Errors

Check website for SEO errors is very simple with Deep Trawl. All you have to do is paste the URL of the website and select the checks you like to run. Depending on the website, it’ll return to you with all the errors in the respective website. Apart from the URL, you can also upload locally saved website files and check them for errors.

Let’s discuss the main highlights of this software in details.

Website Checks


Deep Trawl has over a dozen checks that you can select and perform on a website. You can customize most of the checks as per your requirements. Here is a list of all the check you can perform with Deep Trawl:

  • Check Hyperlinks (customizable the check for error types)
  • Check Dependencies (checks links to CSS, JavaScript, iFrames, Fonts, & Meta refresh)
  • Validate HTML (validate HTML to w3c standards with option to choose/detect HTML type)
  • Validate CSS (validate CSS to w3c standards with option to choose CSS type)
  • Check Spelling (spell checks page content, titles, description, etc. with an option to select a dictionary)
  • Check Analytics Code Installed
  • Check Copyright Dates
  • Check Last-Modified Date
  • Find Profanity
  • Find Sexual Language
  • Check for Credit Card & social security numbers
  • Check for email addresses
  • Find Missing Images (checks the broken images)
  • Check for links to local files and images
  • Check for specific URLs in links

On top of that, you can also add a new check where you can select which files types you want to check using which check types, etc.

Define Scope

From the top right corner of this software, you can define the scope for the checks. Here, you can select which segments of the website you want to cover in the check and which you want to exclude. Here is a list of options you get for the scope selection:

  • Domain & any sub-domain
  • Domain & sub-domain only
  • Directory and sub-directories
  • Directory only
  • Start page only
  • URL contains text


Apart from these options, you can also set a custom scope for the checks by selecting what you want to include and what to exclude. Furthermore, you can customize a scope for Spider, Connection, Parser, Interface, Skip URLs, Per Site Proxy, Deprecation, and more.



In the results, this software lists all the issues it could find on the website. Depending on your scope, it separately lists results for each link/article/page. For each error, it gives options to get info, view in editor, ignore, and more.

Custom Filters


The results can also be filters with custom filters to list specific types of errors. You can either filter all the HTML and CSS tab or create a fully custom filter where you can filter the results by error type and URL. This option is available when you open a new tab in the software.

Error Correction


In the case of HTML, CSS, and spelling errors, this software gives you an option to view it in the editor. It opens the respective content/file in a built-in editor where you can fix the error and export the correction file. Then, you can replace this file with the faulty one on your website and fix the errors.

Download Deep Trawl for website testing here.

Closing Words:

Deep Trawl is handy that automate the website testing and locate the errors for you. It saves you a lot of time which you otherwise spend in finding the errors manually or pay for website testing. The HTML and CSS validation help you correct the errors in the code and hence plays a crucial role in website SEO.

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