Learn to Read Body Language: 4 Free Websites

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Here are 4 free Websites to read Body Language for those who are interested in reading people through their body language. These Websites to learn body language help you learn reading body language. If you have full-fledged knowledge on how to read body language and understand body language, you can easily predict other people’s mood and thinking process. Some of you might not have the idea that our body language has 55% effect on our communication; regardless of what we speak.

Body Language helps you to execute the accurate signs of giving good impression to your bosses, interviewers, colleagues and yea..Girls!

These Websites to read body language helped me a lot in my Body Language learning process. Of course, learning Body Language is not a one day course…you need to visit these Body Language Websites recurrently in order to become a master in reading Body Language. Lets get into the details of each Body Language Website.


2KNOWMYSELF is one of the most popular body language websites that helps you with a full-fledged reference for leaning body language. The website has been designed to help you better understand people through their facial expressions, their tone, their body language regardless of what they speak.


The content available on the website is the conclusion of years of research, resulting in the best information available on body language subject. This free website for reading body language contains direct and effective information, supported by psychology, presented in a very simple format so that a beginner can also understand AtoZ of body language.

Apart from providing complete information on body language, this website to learn to read body language also brings to you content related to other psychological topics. All in all, 2KNOWMYSELF is an excellent website that provides everything related to body language and other psychological issues. A must to bookmark website. Try 2KNOWMYSELF free..!

Once you are an expert in body language, do try your luck on dating website, or even dating apps :)


businessballs is another excellent website that enables you to learn reading body language signs and gestures. This website enables you to learn non-verbal communications for work, dating, social, and for mating relationships.

body language

The interface is very much user-friendly, the home page of the website itself has a complete “Body Language Index” from where you can click on any of the topics you want to gain knowledge about.

This free website for learning body language has a separate column for “Body Language Definitions”, Background & History” and so on. In addition, this website has a complete table of each and every gesture that we execute. The tables have also further been categorized into various body parts gestures such as for eyes gesture, mouth gesture, head gesture, arm gesture, hand gesture, handshake, leg gesture and much more.

businessballs is extremely beneficial website to learn non-verbal communications. Go ahead and logon to businessballs.com free.

Learn Body Language

learnbodylanguage is yet another website that enables you to learn to read and interpret non-verbal communications. This website for learning body signals brings to you a complete reference for how to read people.


Visiting this body language website helps you know yourself, you can learn how to use your body signs to attract people to you. This will definitely increase your popularity and you will gain that extra respect.

However, I did not like the interface of the website since the table of contents is given at the very right side of the page while advertisements at the very left. Nevertheless, the information is of high quality. All the content given on this Learn Body Language is based on extensive research in various scientific fields including Evolutionary Psychology. Go ahead and Learn Body Language free.

Changing Minds

changingminds is a free service to learn body language online. This free Body language website lets you learn array of signals and postures that a normal human being uses while communicating.


The home page of the website contains a complete index of body language from where you can click on any of the title you want to read about. There is a separate index for Parts of the body language such as Face, Cheek, Chin, Teeth and the like. If you click on any of the given body parts name, it will take you to a page where you will learn all gestures related to the respective body part name.

The interface of the website is very simple and easy to use. Once you go onto Body Language column, it will display a full index of body language. Go ahead and learn to read body language free.

Try out these websites to learn body language, and let us know how it changed your day to day life.

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