5 Free Websites To Play TV Series Trivia Online

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In this article, I will cover 5 free websites to play TV series trivia online.

TV series are a great medium of entertainment. Rather than showing an episode daily, they broadcast episodes on a weekly basis. This weekly timing fits perfectly in today’s busy lifestyle. And now, there are services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. which brought the TV series right under your thumb. People watch a series, talk about it for days and gossip at work.

These websites have hundreds of TV series trivia for TV series fans. You can take quizzes of your favorite TV series and test your knowledge. The quizzes are sorted by difficulty levels, easy average and hard. Even if you are not a big fan of a particular TV series, you can still try the easy quizzes for that.

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Here Are 5 Online TV Series Trivia Websites:

All The Tests

TV series trivia

All The Tests is a free website full of online tests and quizzes. Here, you can play trivia based on your favorite TV series. It has over 100 TV series under its TV series quiz collection. Each TV series has at least four trivia quizzes. Popular ones like Friends, HIMYM, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, etc. has a large number of quizzes compared to others. Here, you can easily find quizzes for your favorite TV series and put yourself up for the test. When you finish a quiz, it shows you all your answers along with the correct answers and grade your quiz.

Try AllTheTests‘s online TV series trivia here.

Absurd Trivia

online TV trivia

Absurd Trivia is a free trivia website where you can find thousands of trivia quizzes. It has a great collection of TV series trivia covering hundreds of TV series sorted in alphabetical order. You can also browse the collection based on TV series genre. All the recently added quizzes are featured on the main page here. You can also find the most played quizzes and give them a try. The popular TV series has dozens of trivia quizzes here. Each quiz has its number of questions, difficulty level, and rating mentioned besides its name. You can play quizzes based on difficulty level or ratings. At the end of each quiz, it gives you a score that represents your performance in the quiz and shows you all the correct answers.

You can try these TV series trivia here.

Fun Trivia

free TV series trivia

As the name suggests, Fun Trivia is another online trivia website. It also has a big collection of TV series trivia that you can play online. TV series are sorted in 6 groups in alphabetical order along with a seventh group of mix trivia quizzes. You can browse these groups to find the desired TV series. Almost every TV series have at least 3 trivia quizzes here. Most of these quizzes are submitted by users. You can play a quiz normally in HTML interactive format or you can compete against time. At the end of a quiz, you get trivia points based on your performance in the quiz. If you have a Fun Trivia account, these points are added to your profile. These points represent your trivia profile rank.

Check out these online TV series trivia here.

Trivia Plaza

TV series trivia online

Next website on this list is Trivia Plaza. This is another online trivia website with a decent collection of TV series trivia. It doesn’t have many individual quizzes for various TV series, instead, it has mixed quizzes covering a wide range of popular TV series. These quizzes involve questions related to TV series casts, characters, and plot. The number of questions is fixed in each quiz which is 10. Once you answered a question it shows you its correct answer before moving to next one. At the end of the quiz, it gives you a score and compares it with the average score other people got on that same quiz.

Give these online TV series trivia a try here.

Useful Trivia

online tv trivia

Useful Trivia is another free trivia website where you can find quizzes from educational topics to entertainment topics. Instead of having multiple trivia for each series, it has only a series of 7 trivia containing 10 questions each. These trivia feature mix questions from various popular TV series. There is not grading scheme here, you can change your answer until you get the correct one. In case of a wrong answer, it shows a cross sign below that question. And, in case of a correct answer, it shows a check sign along with some related info. These trivia are fun and entertaining.

Here is a link to try these TV series trivia.

Closing Words

These are the 5 websites to play TV series trivia online. All these quizzes are really fun to play and can be a really good option to kill some free time.

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