4 Best Free Holonym Dictionary Software for Windows

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This article talks about 4 free Holonym Dictionary Software for Windows. 2 of these software are absolutely free and other 2 are free for non-commercial use.

All these software work offline, although to use additional features like Wikipedia search, translation, etc., they do need an active internet connection. Some of these dictionary software (WordWeb & Arhta) also offer additional tools to help you look up words from almost any other software. So, without further ado, let’s discuss these holonyms dictionary software one by one.

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Here Are 4 Best Free Holonym Dictionary Software for Windows:

TheSage English Dictionary

TheSage is a free English Dictionary and Thesaurus software for Windows. The size of this software is around 55 MB and it works without an internet connection. Along with multiple definitions and phonetic scripts, this dictionary shows you the examples of use. And, you can also search for anagram, antonyms, synonyms, etc. for any particular English word. Apart from that, it has a ‘Wildcard‘ advanced search feature, which comes handy when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for.

TheSaga Dictionary: holonym dictionary software

To find holonyms with TheSage, first make sure Thesaurus is enabled. Although it is enabled by default in TheSage, if it’s not, you can enable it from Dictionary Tools under Options.

TheSaga Dictionary: holonyms

After that, when you make a query, it will show you the holonyms of your word/query in the results. You can search for holonyms under Thesaurus option as well which shows you all Semantic relations for your query. You can also change the View Modes for the search results to show all Semantic relations in tabular form.

Download this Holonym Dictionary here.

Everest Dictionary

Everest Dictionary is a free multilingual dictionary software that supports almost all main European languages. It has a wide array of databases that cover synonyms, antonyms, holonyms, hypernyms, etc. along with technical and medical terms. With an active internet connection, it can translate text from any supported language to another. This dictionary software has a dedicated English Holonyms Dictionary which helps you find holonyms easily.

Everest Dictionary: holonym dictionary

To find holonyms with Everest Dictionary, first you need to load the English Holonyms Dictionary. To do that, go to Dictionary options and select the English Holonyms Dictionary. After that, click the Load button to load this dictionary, and then, press the Refresh button to update the Everest Dictionary database.

Everest Dictionary: holonyms

Now, as the Holonyms Dictionary is loaded, you can easily find out holonyms with Everest Dictionary. Just enter your word in the search box and press Enter, it will show you the possible holonyms for your query.

You can download Everest Holonym Dictionary here.


WordWeb is an English dictionary software which is a free non-commercial version of WordWeb Pro. It has a full distortionary and built-in thesaurus for American, Australian, British, Canadian, Indian, and global English. Apart from that, you can set up a hotkey for WordWeb Dictionary to look up words in other software. If you have an active internet connection, you can find definitions and references from Wikipedia with-in this dictionary.

WordWeb: holonym dictionary software

WordWeb does not have any dedicated holonyms dictionary or tools like other software on this list. But, it does show you holonyms for your search query (if there’s any). Depending on what you search, you can find holonyms either under Parts tab or under Types tab in the bottom section. And, with little common sense, you can easily figure out which ones (Parts tab or Types tab) are homonyms for your query. For example, in the screenshot above, the holonyms for ‘color’ are listed under Types.

Download WordWeb Holonym Dictionary here.

Artha – The Open Thesaurus

Artha is an open source, cross-platform English Thesaurus software which uses WordNet‘s lexical database. Just like WordWeb, you can configure a hotkey in Artha to look up words from almost any other software. This dictionary software uses regular expressions to speed up word search and also provides suggestions for misspelled words.

Artha: holonyms

Artha does not offer any dedicated holonym tool or dictionary. However, it has a Relatives section where it lists all types of Semantic relations to your query under various tabs. And, just like WordWeb, it lists holonyms under Parts tab or Types tab, depending on your query.

Here is a link to download this Holonym Dictionary.

Wrapping Up

These holonym dictionary software are very efficient and easy to use. You can use any of these software to find holonyms for your query. Give them a try and share your experience with us in the comments.

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