Windows 8 Hunting App To Know About Hunting, Connect With Other People

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I’d Rather be Hunting is a free Windows 8 lifestyle app. It’s a really good Windows 8 entertainment app, plus a social and learning app, that can help you to learn basic and useful tips and tricks of hunting, shop for the tools and items of hunting, discover and connect with people who have same interest in hunting, find some more new hobbies, and mark the tutorials as favorites, and finally share the information you found with friends from using the Windows 8 share charm. The app is published in the Windows Store by HCL America Inc.

I’d Rather be Hunting - viweing events and tweets on hunting in main screen

Learn hunting tips and tricks, discover people with same interest, and shop and do more using this Windows 8 lifestyle app:

Like I mentioned above, the app is published by the HCL America Inc. So, I have a lot of expectations with the app, and the app pretty much stands up to these expectations.

The app has a really good concept. It’s not just simply an app dedicated to hunting tutorials, but is a combination of lot of apps.

I’d Rather be Hunting - video tutorials in main screen

You can watch good tutorial videos that tells you every knickknacks of hunting and some really good tips for hunting. Plus you can discover new people who are on Twitter and have the same interest in hunting as you do, and then follow them.

The app also lists the tools for hunting in the main screen itself, and you can buy the tools from within the app. Plus, the app also lets you share information about the available tools in the app with friends using Windows 8 Share Charm.

I’d Rather be Hunting - opening DISCOVERAHOBBY website in the app

The app doesn’t stops here, and also provides the popular websites and magazines’ websites like, instructables, DIY Network,, and inside the app. All of these are present under the Of Interest label in the Main screen. Using the respective buttons, you can actually open these websites and magazines within the app and learn more about your hobby.

Plus, if you wish, you can also discover new hobbies using these websites and magazines. Simply click on the desired website’s button to view it within the app itself.

Besides this, if you have your own favorite website, similar to these, then you can also add them under the same  label. To do that, simply click on the Of Interest label on the screen; you’ll get navigated to next screen that shows only the aforementioned websites. Right click on this screen and click on Add link button. Then simply copy-paste the website’s URL.

I’d Rather be Hunting - adding new website in the app

Another pretty cool feature in this free Windows 8 lifestyle app is, if you allow the app to track your location, then it can automatically find some related events near you and display them under In Good Company label on main screen. This is another good way to find some more people who have the same hobbies. You can enable the location tracking option by simply opening Windows 8 Settings Charm and then selecting Permission option and finally dragging the Location slider towards right.

I’d Rather be Hunting - setting loaction auto-tracking on

A really cool feature that I liked in this Windows 8 lifestyle app is it allows you to directly share the information of hunting tools present under the Needs & Tools label, from the main screen itself. You don’t need to open the tools information first and then share it, but all you need to do is simply right-click on the desired tool and the app automatically brings up the Share Charm in the screen.

I’d Rather be Hunting - sharing tools information

Key features of this Windows 8 lifestyle app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 lifestyle app.
  • An app for learning hunting tips, discovering new people, find events, shop for hunting items.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 share and settings charms.
  • Good UI design.
  • Easy to use.

If you like going to events but always miss them, because you don’t have anyone to inform you, then try this free Windows 8 Event Finder App to find events and buy tickets.

Final note:

I’d Rather be Hunting, is a really good Windows 8 lifestyle app. It’s free, totally functional, easy to use, and above all, fulfills it’s purpose. The screen switches are smooth and every single button and option does work well. It’s easy to navigate and gives you al lot of options to do. The only thing missing in the app is Windows 8 Search Charm, other than that its all good Windows 8 app.

Grab I’d Rather be Hunting here.

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