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RetroShare is an open source free communication platform that runs on Windows, Linux and OS X. RetroShare allows users to chat with each other over a secure connection and also transfer files to each other, allowing for a fantastic collaborative experience as files can be sent back and forward repeatedly as edits are made.

Free communication platforms are becoming increasingly popular of recent years. In fact, it has become a more high profile concept over the last couple of months after the innovation of Google Wave, which was considered by the layman to be mostly a flop. However, its applications in the world of business are almost endless as the collaboration opportunities are perfect and well-honed.


Perhaps what makes RetroShare most appealing is its level of encryption. It utilizes SSL encryption to mean that no one, not even your ISP can see the data you are exchanging. Every single connection is encrypted, which means that your data is safe every step of the way. No one can access the data at any point in the transfer process, which means that you can be certain that your files are completely safe from outside interference.

The program does not save any data on a server, which means that there is no risk of any of your security being compromised. With any other free communication platform, there is always a risk of this as they have to store the data on their server.

Other free programs that you can use to share files on your PC: Orb, and GigaTribe.

Another of the great features RetroShare has to offer is the fact that you don’t need to register with a website to use it, unlike most of the other free communication platforms about. This means that you don’t have to submit your personal details to the website. All you have to do is send your unique key to the person you wish to connect with.

To summarize, RetroShare ranks pretty highly amongst the other free communication platforms available seeing as it does not require registration and uses a high level of SSL encryption to keep your data safe when you use the system. However, its functionality does not match up to some of the others on the market which offer more efficient file transfer and extra features. Thus it cannot be considered the best available.

Get RetroShare.

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Works With: Windows, Linux, Mac
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