How to Block Google Tracking on Third-Party Websites in Firefox?

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This article explains how to block Google tracking on third-party websites in Firefox. As you might be aware of, if you have your Google account signed-in in your browser, Google tracks all your online activities and links them with your account. Google doesn’t only track your activities on its products and websites but also track visits and activities on other websites via third-party cookies.

Google Container is a free web browser add-on that lets you block Google tacking in the Firefox web browser. This add-on is based on the popular Facebook Container and also works similarly. It isolates Google activity in a container and prevents it from tracking other online activities and hence those activities don’t get linked to your Google account.

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Block Google Tracking on Third-Party Websites in Firefox

When you install Google Container add-on to your browser, it logs out your Google account and deletes all the cookies. And since then, it starts using a separate container for Google and all its websites. Whenever you open Google or any of its online service, you’ll see a ‘Google Container’ icon in the address bar. All the Google activities will be contained in that container isolated from the rest of the activities. And, you can use the rest of the internet without worrying about it getting ties to your Google account.


Here is an example of how it works. As you can see in the screenshot attached below, the tab with Google has an orange bar beneath it that represents the container. And, the rest of the tabs are just normal.


Since Google Container prevents Google to link your online activities to your Google account, it does have a few (minor) drawbacks. These drawbacks are:

  • Google comments will not work on other websites.
  • Option to Sign-in/Sign-up with Google will not work.

Wrap Up

With Google Container, you can easily block Google tracking your online activities. It is a great tool especially for the people who are more concern about their privacy. This gives you a piece of mind that you are not being tracked by Google and nothing is gonna linked to your account.

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