Free Copywriting Tool for Facebook, LinkedIn Ads using AI

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This article covers a free copywriting tool for Facebook, LinkedIn ads using AI. Advertisements and promotional campaigns play a crucial role in the success of a product. Digital marketing is a business built around this thing. They take care of everything from product images, descriptions to ads and promotions. But if you don’t want to go with a digital marketing agency for financial or any reason, you can use services like Facebook and LinkedIn for your product engagement. If you are going on a solo adventure, it’s nice to have as much help as you can get.

Keywee is a free copywriting tool that helps you write engaging promotional texts, headlines for ads and product campaigns. This tool uses AI to cure the taglines and descriptions for the ads. You can simply enter your text in this tool and then let it optimize the text and make them engaging. Alternatively, you can enter the landing of the product and let it fetch the details from there. Then, you can use that optimized text for your ads and promotional campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Free Copywriting Tool for Facebook, LinkedIn Ads using AI

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Free Copywriting Tool for Facebook, LinkedIn Ads using AI

Keywee is available as a web application where you can cure your promotional texts. This tool is currently in an open beta phase and you obviously have to create an account to use it. You can use your Google account for quick signup as well. On the homepage of this tool, you get a dashboard that lists all your projects. You can create new projects to create promotional texts.


Free Copywriting Tool for product campaigns

Depending on your needs, you can create a promotional text for engagement, newsletter signups, and conversions. When you create a new project, it shows you all the various options for Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress. Here is a full list of templates it offers:

For Engagement

  • Content Copy
  • Facebook Image Ad
  • Facebook Organic Image Post
  • LinkedIn Organic Image Post
  • LinkedIn Image Ad

For Newsletter Signups

  • Facebook Lead Ad
  • WordPress BlogPost

For Conversions

  • Product Copy
  • LinkedIn Lead Ad
  • WordPress Blog Post

Most of these templates are not yet available yet, The only templates you can use right now are Content Copy and Product Copy. Both these templates are similar. You can pick one while creating a product and then either enter a brief description yourself or fetch from a product landing page URL.

Free Copywriting Tool for Facebook, LinkedIn Ads using AI

In the next step, this tool creates your project where it shows a preview of the product/content brief on the left. The right side is where real things happen. You get a text box on the right side where it shows you the brief you entered or fetched from the landing page. It shows the word count for that along with a “Feeling Lucky” option. This “Feeling Lucky” analyze the brief and cure it to make it more engaging and simple.

You can create multiple variations of the brief with version-control. This way, you can try multiple times to get the perfect promotional texts for your ads and promotional campaigns.

Closing Words:

Keywee is a handy copywriting tool that uses AI to cure promotional texts. It’s simple and easy to use which makes it a perfect fit for individuals and tiny businesses. The tool is trained on tens of millions of posts, headlines, and ads and the output is reasonably good. If you are looking for a copywriting solution then give it a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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