Free Software to Disable Copy/Paste by Automatically Clearing Clipboard

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Easy Clear is a free downloadable software that you can use to disable the Copy / Paste function in Windows. The application achieves this by automatically clearing the Clipboard as soon as any text or image data is added to it by pressing Ctrl + C.

Easy Clear is compatible with Windows 10 / 11 and is a portable application which means that no installation is required. Simply run the application and it immediately disables your clipboard. Subsequently any text or image data that you try to copy to the clipboard will be cleared automatically.


1. Download the package (Zip file) from the link that we have specified at the end of this article.

2. Unzip the file and save the contents in a specified folder.

3. Run the application EasyClearGit.exe and the program immediately clears all the text and images present in the clipboard (if any). The status will be displayed via a small screen that pops up at the bottom right. Henceforth, while the application is active, any data that is saved to the clipboard will be deleted instantly.

Easy Clear popup

4. In order to test the application you can now select any text or image and press Ctrl-C. Try to paste this data in any of your application and you will realize that it no longer exists in the Clipboard and has been cleared automatically.

5. You can click on the ‘tickmark’ to toggle between the on / off states of the application. In the ‘Off’ state your clipboard will be enabled and you will able to use it normally till you switch it to the ‘On’ state.

Toggle On - Off

Closing Comments:

Easy Clear is a very simple and lightweight application to disable the usage of a clipboard in Windows 10 / 11. I tested it and found that it works appropriately although there were some issues in accessing the application pop-up once other windows are activated and appear on top of it.

Click here to download Easy Clear. You must download and unzip the file

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