5 Free Websites To Play Rubik’s Cube Online

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Here is the list of 5 free websites to play Rubik’s Cube game online.

Rubik’s Cube is a very famous game, named after a Hungarian sculptor and professor “Erno Rubik”. He invented this game in 1974. In all these Rubik’s cube websites, you will be provided a six sided 3D cube. Every side contains NxN ( 3*3 mostly) number of squares of different colors. You have to set all the sides of cube with same color to complete the game. These websites to play Rubik’s Cube online are completely free and doesn’t require any sign up process.

Only mouse interaction is required to play games on these websites. Lets have a look at each of these websites. We start with 3D Rubik’s Cube game, which I find best in the list.

If you don’t know how to play Rubik’s Cube game, you can check these 5 websites to learn it.

3D Rubik’s Cube At PuffGames.Com

3D Rubik's Cube at PuffGames

3D Rubik’s Cube is the first and best website in this list. This online Rubik’s game provides a lot of features, which makes it the best. It lets you save your game session, so that you can resume from where you left off. There are 4 different difficulty levels available in this game: easy, normal, hard and very hard. Based on difficulty levels, it provides 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5 square per side in Rubik’s cube.

To solve Rubik’s cube online, you can also view all sides of the cube by rotating it 360 degree. A slider ball is used to rotate the sides vertically and horizontally. Instructions are also available in this game, which help users to understand about how they can play this game. It also has a good playing sound.

Rubik’s Cube at Knowledge Adventure

Rubik's Cube at KnowledgeAdventure

This is another interesting websites in which you can play Rubik’s Cube online. Unique feature present in this game is that it counts your moves as well time. So you need to solve Rubik’s cube puzzle as quickly as you can. It has a nice and clean game interface. Before starting the game, it will show you instructions as well as provides a link for playing tips. There are not many game controls present, which makes it even more easy to play. Just by using left mouse click on the arrow icons, you can play moves.

To rotate the cube, you can press, hold, and move mouse cursor in any direction. By doing so, you will also be able to see all the other hidden sides of 3D cube.

Rubik’s Game at AGame.Com

Rubik's Cube at Agame

It is another Rubik’s Cube game that lets you play Rubik’s Cube online. It plays the game in full screen mode. The unique feature comes with this game is that Redo and undo options are available to undo/redo the wrong moves played by you. You can also shuffle the cube in between the game progress. A colorful 3D cube is provided to solve the puzzle.

When open the game’s homepage, a small advertisement will come, which might disappoint you. But you can also skip the ad. It provides nice 3D graphics for better display of the whole cube. You can rotate the cube by using your left mouse button. A nice music is also played during gameplay.

Rubik’s Cube at Learn4Good.Com

Rubik's Cube at Learn4Good

This is another good and interesting Rubik’s Cube website. Unique feature of this website is that when you point the cursor on the cube, an animated circle is created around the cube to show you which side is going to rotate to play your move. Another special feature of this website is that it shows all the six sides of the cube together.

There are 5 different tasks available in this game. These tasks are based on difficulty levels and you can choose any task to start the game. This online Rubik’s Cube game also provides you 4 different types of texture, excluding the default colors. Thus, you can change the default color with any of the texture. It will also play music while you solve Rubik’s Cube online.

Rubik’s Cube at OnlineGames.Net

3D Rubik's Cube at OnlineGames.Net

This is the simplest Rubik’s Cube game in this list. It provides a 3D cube with Black background. You can rotate the cube using left mouse button to view hidden sides of cube. To play moves, a single mouse click is needed on required side. It also lets you shuffle the cube in between game progress.


This is my pick of 5 best websites to play Rubik’s Cube online. Each website has some of its unique features which makes them different from each other. They all are good, but I personally like the first one most. Try these out and see which one you like.

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