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RocketReach is a free online service that helps you connect to professionals in various fields by fetching you their email, social networking handles and other contact information. It provides you mainly with string of emails (adds even possible ones with probability percentage), LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter handles, etc.

You can use various filters to narrow down your search for a specific person or professionals that meet a particular qualification. These filters can also be compounded one after another in RocketReach to sniff out your search accurately. When you find the professionals you are looking for, you can download the contacts in a CSV format.


The only limitation of the free plan of RocketReach is that you can look up only 10 contacts per month. So make sure you use RocketReach wisely.

Let’s take a better look at RocketReach. You can also try out this free online service to contact people with their email.

How to Search For Professional Contacts using RocketReach

RocketReach provides you a search engine which enables you to search professionals of any given expertise. You can specify various constraints to look for a person which add up on each other and help you pin point to the person you are looking for. You can look for a person based 4 criteria:

  • Keyword: RocketReach will look for a contact based on the keyword you enter. It will compare this keyword on every descriptive field of a professional and return a match when it finds one
  • Job Title: You can look for a person based on their job. This is a really good way to make new acquaintances in your own occupational field or look for business. Just enter a job description and RocketReach will get back to you with the right people


  • Company: When you want to deal with specific people of one company alone, looking for them with this tag will be easier. You can use this to narrow down your search for a specific person in a specific company too.
  • Location: This constraint is much more fruitful since looking for professionals who live near you or a specific easily reachable location can increase the chances of you getting acquainted with them through meetings

So when you find a particular individual that meets your criteria, click on Search.

How to Add Contacts on RocketReach

After clicking Search, you will be provided a list of all the professionals that match your standard. Scroll down to your desired professional and click on ‘+Show Contact Info’ to load their email address(es). The contact will be added to ‘My Contacts’ panel on the right. You can also access their LinkedIn profiles without spending a single credit.


Click on My Contacts at the top of the page. You will see a list of the contacts whose contact info you sought. You can download all these professional contacts in a CSV file format. To do that, click Download CSV on the top-right of the page.

How to Get RocketReach’s API


If you are a programmer, you might be interested in RocketReach’s API. Click on API on the menu at the top and click on ‘SignUp and Create Key’ (if you’re not signed up) . This will generate a key you can use in your coding with the following syntax in your AJAX application:

curl --get ''\
--data-urlencode 'api_key=’enterkeyhere'\
--data-urlencode 'name=Elon Musk'\
--data-urlencode 'current_employer=Tesla Motors'

Final Words

I think this is a really good free online service to help yourself in your business and rise as a well connected professional in your area of expertise. The only thing that limits this free online service is it’s number of contacts you can view per month, which is scarce. I award RocketReach with 4.5 stars.

Try RocetReach here.

Know a better alternative to RocketReach? Make sure to share it with me and everyone else in the comments!

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