Free tool to Generate Testimonial Questions for Customers

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Famewall’s Testimonial Questions Generator is a no-cost online tool that empowers you to create highly effective questions for soliciting customer testimonials to bring you more sales in the long run. Just input your website’s URL, and the application harnesses AI to understand your business, delivering the top 10 testimonial questions for you to pose to your customers. You can then proceed to send the generated questions to ask your customers for a great testimonial via email, social media chats, testimonial forms and more.

Presenting these questions to your customers not only simplifies and streamlines their testimonial-writing or recording process but also significantly eases the task of gathering testimonials. Asking the right questions encourages customers to express their valuable experiences with your business, making the process much more efficient. The key takeaways derived from the testimonial can then be emphasized and incorporated into your marketing materials, enhancing their impact.


1. Click on this link to navigate to Testimonial Questions Generator.

2. Input the URL of the landing page of your website in the text box and click on the button ‘Generate Questions’.

Input landing page URL

3. Wait for 1-2 minutes while the AI of the application processes the landing page and gets the 10 best testimonial questions for you.

Kajabi testimonial questions

4. You’re now ready to employ the testimonial questions to request excellent testimonials from your customers through email, social media conversations, diverse forms, and other means.

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Testimonials Generator is a completely free AI tool designed to simplify the process of generating testimonial questions, allowing you to gather outstanding customer testimonials at absolutely no cost.

Feel free to give the product a try and share your feedback with us. To access the Testimonial Questions Generator, click here.

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