Find Newsletters of Popular Companies with HTML Code

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This article talks about a free website where you can find newsletters of popular companies with HTML code. If writing lots and lots of emails is a part of your job then you might find yourself out of ideas every once in a while. Sometimes it becomes really hard to get new ideas by all your own. In such conditions, you might find this website with thousands of email resources useful. is a free website that provides you a big collection of curated emails designs from various popular companies and brands. Here you can browse eCommerce, fashion, retention, and brands newsletters for design inspiration. You can create a personal collection of email templates which you find innovative and beautiful. You can also get the HTML code of the emails and modified that to create new designs. With that said, let’s check it out in details.

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Find Newsletters of Popular Companies with HTML Code presents to you a curated collection of stunning and attractive emails from various popular brands and companies all around the world. The website currently has a giant collection of over 4200 emails which you can browse and get inspired.

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This website has a search tool at the top where you can type a keyword and find the relevant email designs. Below that, it shows you two collection catalogs of emails; one contains all the new emails added to the collection recently and other contains the most popular emails on the website.

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You can either use the search tool or browse the collection to find emails for inspirations. If you find any email attractive that you want to use, simply click it to open. This shows you the whole email with animation (if any) and everything. At the top of the email, it shows you how many people have viewed these emails and how many added it to their collections. There are also social media buttons which you can use to share the email design on your social media accounts.

Create Collection

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When you open an email design, you get a button to add that email to your collection. In order to make a collection, you have to create an account first, which is free. After creating the account, you can click that button and enter a name to make a new collection. After that, whenever you click the “Add Collection” button on any email design, it lists all your existing collections along with an option to create a new one. This way, you can make multiple collections to keep your favorites emails in your reach.

Get HTML Code

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Next to the “Add Collection” button, there is another button, “View Code“. This button shows you the HTML code of the email. It opens the code side by side to the design. Here, you can analyze the code to understand the designing process of the email. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to select and copy the HTML code. This way, you can take the email HTML code from here and modify it to create new designs.

Check out email newsletters of popular companies here.

Closing Words is a nice website to get new ideas for newsletters, marketing emails, promotional emails, and other sorts of emails. Since all the emails on this websites are of reputed brands and companies, these emails are attractive with innovative design ideas. This makes it a great place to hunt new ideas for stunning email designs.

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