10 Websites to Find Free Notion Templates

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Notion is one of the world’s fastest growing productivity applications that has more than 4 million users at last count. It’s an all-in-one workspace where you can plan, write anything you want, collaborate between teams, and get organized, all under one roof.

Notion helps users schedule their tasks, take notes, manage, and save documents / projects, set reminders, practically anything you want to do. A big credit for this goes to the easy-to-use pages of Notion and the flexibility and power of its databases.

You can build your own workspace from scratch or use Notion Templates based on your requirement. The latter is obviously fast and easier.

Templates help to quickly create some structure for your workspace and add content to it. In addition to the inbuilt templates, there are thousands of other ones created and shared by Notion users around the world for many purposes like personal finance manager, scheduler, contact manager and more.

Once you like a particular template, you need to duplicate it into your own workspace. Later you can modify and customize it to precisely match your workflow. Unless otherwise specified, the following are the steps:

  1. Browse and select the template. Read the details of the template before deciding whether it suits your requirements.
  2. Click on the Template and then click on ‘Duplicate’ at the top right of the Template page.
  3. Once you do this, the specified Template will be available on your Workspace. You can then customize it if required. You need to ensure that you have Signed into your Notion Workspace before duplicating any Template.

How to Duplicate a Template

In this article we will be reviewing 10 websites that provide Free Templates for Notion users.

1. Notionway

This website offers different types of Notion templates that are free as well as paid. You can use them to optimize your workspace instead of wasting time trying make a new one of your own. Over 150 Free Templates are available that are very neat, aesthetically pleasing and make the UX experience easy to follow.

Click Here to navigate to the website from the link provided below and click on ‘Free Templates’. From the left panel, select the Category of the template that you desire. By default, all templates will be displayed. Click on the template you wish to duplicate to your Notion account and click on ‘Purchase on Gumroad’ on the next page. This will bring up the details and ratings of the template. Type ‘0’ in the box for ‘Name a fair price’ and click on ‘I want this’. Next, in the ‘Check out’ page’, type your email address and click on ‘Get’ to fetch the template. Finally, click on ‘Duplicate’ at the top right of the page to get the specified template in your workspace.


2. Notion Wizard

This is a site meant for tips and tricks to use Notion. Apart from how-to-do guides and walkthroughs, there is also a good collection of Free Templates. You will find some popular ones like Kanban board, Daily Journal and more, totally free to use.

You will also find personal use templates like the grocery list, weekly agenda and more that can be very handy to make your life simpler.

To navigate to Notionwizard, Click Here.

Notion Wizard

3. Red Gregory

This website has a massive collection of free Notion Templates, probably the largest list that you will find anywhere. The templates are sorted by the dates on which they were added and are organized into various categories like Plan, Note, Journal, Track and more. You will be able to find a suitable template for almost all the use cases that you can think of for your routine work. Just click on the template and carry out the steps as instructed to duplicate it into your Notion Workspace.

Click here to duplicate Templates from Red Gregory.

Red Gregory

4. Nick Lafferty’s blog

Sometimes Notion users do not have the time and energy to browse through a large number of Free Templates. They may be interested in the ones which work effectively with a proven track record.

This blog is exactly meant for such cases. It offers 32 Free Notion Templates which are easy to use and designed to boost productivity. For quick access, they have been categorized into Templates for Students, Work, Personal Finance, and more.

There are some truly incredible ones like Life Wiki, House plant manager, Meal planner etc. that you could duplicate and use. Simply click on ‘Download Link’ below any Template and do the needful.

Click here to navigate to this Blog and get the right Template for you.

Nick Lafferty

5. Notion Pages

Notion Pages arranges the templates in the form of a gallery on its main page with a brief description for the user describing what it is meant for. Although, its visual presentation is identical to the official Notion Templates gallery but, the numbers are far lesser.

Nevertheless, Notion Pages does boast of some great and workable templates and also has a handy ‘tips and tricks’ section with expert advice from proficient users.

Just click on any template and then click on the ‘Public Template’ link to duplicate it into your Workspace.

To navigate to Notion Pages and start using the templates, Click Here.

Notion Pages

6. Thomas Frank Notion Templates

Thomas Frank offers a small but very effective well-designed collection of templates on this website. What’s more, along with the Templates, he also provides excellent tips and tricks to boost your productivity using Notion.

Although the number of templates provided are small in number, but the quality of each of them is really good with a neatly streamlined interface. Click on the link ‘Get this Template for Free’ below any template and follow the usual steps to duplicate it into your Notion Workspace.

Click here to access and duplicate Thomas Frank’s templates.

Thomas Frank

7. Prototion

This website is pretty famous for its Notion Templates sold as bundles, but there is quite a good quantity of them that are available for free.

Just select the ‘Free’ check box to filter out the paid ones, and you will get some fine Templates ranging from Goal tracker to Travel planner, Daily habit tracker and more.

You need to Login to Prototion using your Google or Facebook account, to download and duplicate their free Templates on your Notion Workspace.

Click here to visit Prototion and access their free Notion Templates.


8. Notion Picks (Official Template Gallery)

The Official Template Gallery provided by Notion supplies a treasure trove of handy templates. They are a boon for startups, educators, nonprofits and more. Students will find certain compelling templates that will help them to organize their deadlines with efficient time management.

Majority of the Notion Picks Templates are designed by the vast and growing community, and Notion merely curates and lists the best of them on its gallery. The collection is organized into diverse categories to make it easier for you to locate the ideal one for the job.

Click here to visit Notion Picks.

You can access many of them using the ‘Templates’ link on the Right Panel of your Notion Workspace.

Notion Picks

9. Notion Everything

Notion Everything has great templates for Personal projects, Freelance businesses, Startups, Agencies and more.

This website also helps you to design your own template and share it with the community. Search and Refer to their ‘Guidelines Template’ if you are interested. These tips and techniques may offer you a chance of adding your own Notion template to the platform.

Just click on ‘Browse Templates’ and choose the ‘Free Templates’ option. Select any Template and click on it to duplicate it to your Workspace.

To navigate to Notion Everything and browse their templates, Click Here

Notion Everything

10. Simple.ink

With Notion, you can build a website with just a few clicks. Once the page is ready, you just need to click ‘Share’ at the top right of the page and switch on ‘Share to the Web’ for the link (URL) to be generated. Anyone with the link will be able to see your website.

Simple.ink is a unique platform which offers Notion Templates for building your own website using the Notion Workspace. The list of categories is quite impressive ranging from Landing page templates to templates for Blogs, Portfolios, Personal websites, Resume websites and more.

Simply, select the Template, duplicate it on your Workspace and start building your website. Once this is done, enable ‘Share to Web’ and share the link with others.

Click Here to navigate to Simple.ink and jumpstart the process of launching your website.


Your Notion Workspace has an immense potential to become a complete all-in-one solution for all your needs with the right combination of Templates. Even if you don’t work as a team, Notion templates can be a wonderful productivity boost for your personal tasks and jobs.

You can go through all the websites above, browse their collections of Free Templates and choose the one that suits your work.

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