5 Online Spacebar Speed Test Websites Free

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This article covers 5 websites with free online spacebar speed test. With these websites, you can test your spacebar tapping speed.

These websites offer online tests where they calculate your spacebar tapping speed against time. Some of them have a 5-second test, some have a 10-second test, and some also have a 1-minute long test. After the test, they show you how many times you pressed the spacebar in the respective time frame. If you don’t have any specific reason to take these test, you can do it for fun; they can be really entertaining for a while.

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Here Are 5 Free Websites With Online Spacebar Speed Test:


Online Spacebar Speed Test Game

Zimm-Co offers fun online spacebar speed tests. It has 3 speed-tests where you have to tap your spacebar as fast as you can. These tests have a fixed time limit of 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and 20 seconds; you can take any of them to test your speed. Each test counts your total number of taps in the respective time frame and shows your score in the end. These tests are really fun to take.

Take this online spacebar speed test here.


spacebar speed test

Scratch.mit.edu to test your spacebar tapping speed. With this test, you can find out how many times you can tap the spacebar in a minute. To start this test, click on the green flag and start tapping your spacebar as fast as you can for next 60 seconds. In the end, you get your tapping score which you can compare with the high scores listed there.

You can try this click speed test game here.


online spacebar speed test

Sporcle.com has a spacebar speed challenge for you. Here, you have to tap your spacebar 300 times under 1 minute. It has 6 rows of 50 rectangular shapes that make a total 300 shapes. With every click, a shape diminishes to a minimal size. Here, you can see your score at the upper right corner along with the remaining time. If you feel that you can not complete the challenge, you can end it by clicking the ‘Give Up‘ button below the timer.

Check your spacebar tapping speed with this online spacebar speed test here.


spacebar speed challenge

10FastFingers.com has a ‘Spacebar Challenge‘ to test your abilities. This challenge doesn’t require you to tap the spacebar continuously, instead, you have to type a word every time before tapping the spacebar, only then it’ll count that tap. Here, you have to score 30 taps under a minute to complete the challenge. This is a unique spacebar speed test to find out how fast you can tap the spacebar while typing.

You can take this online spacebar speed challenge here.


spacebar speed test

Tynker.com has a simple spacebar speed test that you can take online. This test does not have any time limit like other tests. It just counts your spacebar taps. It’s more like a spacebar tap counter rather than a spacebar speed test. You can use it as a freestyle spacebar tap counter.

Give this spacebar speed test a try here.

Wrap Up

These space speed test websites are really fun and entertaining. Go check how fast you can hit the spacebar.

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