Learn About New Planet Discovery With These 5 Websites

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In this article, I will cover 5 free websites where you can learn about new planet discovery.

Space is so big and fascinating that it makes us wonder if there is another planet like Earth where life is possible. With the Hubble Space Telescope up in the orbit, we have discovered many planets lately. We discovered planets beyond our solar system. We don’t have any proof of life on these planets but knowing about these planets is in itself a great achievement.

The websites featured in this article keep you up to date with astronomy news and new discoveries in the space. If you find these new space discoveries fascinating, you can follow these websites to learn more about them.

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Here Are 5 Websites To Learn About New Planet Discovery:


learn about new planet discovery

I would like to start this list with official NASA website. This is the one place where you can find lots of information from our Earth to Solar System and beyond. On the homepage, you can explore various on-going missions like Curiosity Mars Rover Mission, TESS Exoplanet Mission, Juno Mission and more. Then, there is my favorite “Galleries” section which features amazing photos and videos. The Blog and Press Release sections share the latest planet discovery and other space news with the public. This is the best website to know about the space and other exoplanets.

Learn about new planet discovery at NASA here.


learn about new planet discovery

The second website on this list is the official Hubble Space Telescope website. Here, you can track all the discoveries made possible by Hubble Space Telescope. You can learn about Hubble’s major breakthroughs and the extraterrestrial bodies discovered by using that telescope. This websites also featured all the photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. These photos are amazing and literally out of this world. Another main focus of this website is its news section. In the news section, you can read latest Hubble news, researches, and discoveries. You can read about on-going Hubble experiments and enhance your space knowledge.

keep a track of new planet discovery by Hubble Space Telescope here.


learn about new planet discovery

The next website on this list is Astronotes blog from Armagh Planetarium. This is a very popular blog where you can find the latest news from the world of astronomy and space exploration. There are 6 main sections to this blog, Solar System, Our Galaxy, Universe, Space Flight, Monthly Sky Notes and Weird and Fun. All these sections are pretty much self-explanatory and feature related articles. The articles here are written by the Planetarium staff and other space science professionals. This is a really fun and information-rich website where you can learn a lot about the universe and stay up to date with new discoveries.

You can read space news and new discoveries here.


learn about new planet discovery

Sky and Telescope is an astronomy magazine founded in 1941. This website is full of astronomy information, articles and latest and greatest space-related news. It has a special news section named “Exoplanets” where you can get all the available information about the so far discovered exoplanets. Apart from that, this website has many online interactive tools like Interactive Sky Chart, This week’s sky at a glance and more. These interactive tools are really fun and help you learn more about space and astronomy.

Keep track of new discoveries in astronomy here.


learn about new planet discovery

The fifth website to learn about the new planet discovery is Space.com. It was launched in 1999 and providing astronomy and space exploration news since then. On the homepage, it shows you the most recent news and updates. To learn about new planet discoveries and other astronomy news, you can jump right into the “Space and Astronomy” section and read the latest articles. You can filter these articles to find the stuff that excites you the most. Apart from all the information, the looks and UI of this website is really great. The nice nebula like background gives this website a nice ‘spacey’ feel.

Learn about new planet discovery at Space.com here.

Wrap Up

These are the 5 free websites where you can learn about new planet discovery. By following these websites, you can stay up to date with the space-related news, and learn about the new breakthroughs and discoveries in astronomy.

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