6 Free Schema Markup Generator Websites for SEO

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Schema Markup is the code that provides information pertaining to your website to the various Search Engines and through them to your end users. The information can be about your website pages, Products, Events, Job postings, FAQ pages and more. The Schema Markup code will enable the Search Engines to accurately interpret this data on your website.

Schema Markup is sometimes also referred to as JSON-LD (JSON Linked Data). This is a data format that is utilized to write structured data on the web in a machine-readable way especially for search engines.

Attempting to create a schema manually for this purpose is extremely tedious and cumbersome, more so because there are hundreds of types of different Schema Markups. Also, developers may not always get it 100% right. This is precisely where Schema Markup Generators come into the picture and do the needful for you in just a matter of seconds.

Schema Markups are extremely crucial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as they produce Rich Results on Google, that go beyond the universal search results (standard blue link) that Google displays. Generally, websites that use them correctly rank better in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) than others who fail to use them.

Rich results are experiences on Google Search that go beyond the standard blue link. They’re powered by structured data and can include carousels, images, or other non-textual elements.

In this article we will be briefly discussing about 6 Schema Markup Generators.

1. Rank Ranger

This is an Online Schema Markup Generator tool that helps you to structure the data for a variety of pages like Products, Local Business, Persons, ‘How-to’ articles and more.

The tool automatically includes the required properties and code that are needed for Google to produce its Rich results. You can also choose to Validate your code by sending it to Google’s Structured Data Testing Tools and making appropriate changes if required. Additionally, you can also Verify if your page is eligible for a ‘Rich Result’ by testing it using Google’s Rich Result Tool.

Just select the Schema Markup that you would like to generate, fill up all the required fields and then you will find the Markup Code being generated in real-time. When you are done, click on ‘Copy’ and paste it in your Webpage.

Overall, Rank Ranger is a good Schema Markup Generator and includes support and validation for wide-ranging types of data and articles.

Click here to navigate to Rank Ranger and create your Schema Markups

Rank Ranger

2. Technical SEO (Merkle)

This online tool also creates JSON-LD Markups and offers support for all the required item fields. Like the previous generator, it also allows you to test your Markup with Google’s Testing Tools or the Rich Results Tool by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Simply select the Schema Markup that you would like to Generate such as Searchbox, Products, Recipes, Organizational info, Events and more, type all the required information ensuring that no fields are left vacant, and the Markup is generated in real-time. Test it using the Google testing tools and copy and paste it in your Web pages.

All in all, this too is a very easy and efficient Markup Generator offering support for almost all types of information that you may wish to present in your website.

Click here to visit Technical SEO and try out the various options.


3. Hall Analysis Schema Generator

This too is an Online Scheme Markup Generator but unlike the previous ones, it offers support for a lesser range of Schema Markups like Products, Events, Organization etc and no direct facility for Validation or Testing the Markup using tools offered by Google.

You just need to select the Markup from the drop-down menu and fill the required fields. Once this is completed, click on ‘Copy to Clipboard’ and paste the code in your HTML document.

Overall, this is an okay tool that is not as powerful and efficient as the previous ones that I have listed above.

Click here to get directed to Hall Analysis Schema Generator and test it out.

Hall Analysis

4. Search Bloom

This Schema Markup Generator tool can be used to create JSON-LD as well as Microdata Markups Use our Schema.org structured data generators to create JSON-LD & Microdata markups with a provision for testing and validating of the Markup with Google’s Tools.

Microdata integrates your structured data within the main HTML page whereas JSON-LD uses a Javascript element to insert the Markup in the Head of the page.

You must select the Schema Markup that you desire to create, type all the information required in the various fields and your Markup is created in real-time.

On the whole, this is a good tool for generating Schema Markups and has the added advantage of using either Microdata or JSON-LD for your structured data format.

Click here to access this online tool and start building your Markups.

Search Bloom

5. Schema.dev

This is a Free Google Chrome Extension that you can use to easily build JSON-LD structured data markups for your webpages as well as Validate it using Google’s testing tools.

Simply run the extension, select the type of Markup that you wish to build, and populate the required fields. You can also use the unique ‘point and click’ input facility to select existing content from any webpages and use it for creating your Markups.

Once all the requisite information is filled, click on ‘View Markup’ to test the structured data, and copy it to your HTML page. If you already have a schema markup on your webpages, you can use the Schema Testing tool to read and validate your schema and test it for issues.

Overall, Schema.dev Chrome Extension is a powerful Markup Generator with many additional features that aren’t present in all the above tools that we have listed. This tool will be my choice out of all the 6 Markup Generators that we have listed.

Click here to download the Google Chrome Extension for Schema.dev.

Schema dev


Schema Dev

6. Attrock Schema Markup Generator

This is yet another Online Markup Generator that allows you to create as well as test your structured data. It offers support for JSON-LD as well as RDFa (Resource Description Framework in Attributes). Like Microdata, RDFa Markups are inserted into the main HTML page rather than the Head section.

Select the type of Schema Markup that you wish to generate from the drop-down and populate the required fields. Click on ‘Test’ and use Google’s Rich Result Test tool or Structured Data Testing tool to test and validate your Markup. Once you have verified it you can select the type of Structured Data that such as JSON-LD or RDFa and click on Copy.

On the whole, this too is an efficient Schema Markup Generator with additional support for RDFa and the provision of testing and validating the Markup.

Click here to use the Attrock Schema Markup Generator


You can try out each of the above 6 tools carefully and compare them with regards to the range of Schema Markups they offer as well as the type of Structured Data that they generate such as JSON-LD, Microdata or RDFa. Choose the one that best suits your requirement since this varies from case to case.

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