4 Free Home Inventory Software for Windows

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This article covers 4 free home inventory software for Windows. These software can help you easily manage all the items you have by organizing them in an inventory. By having an inventory of items, you can easily keep track of all your items at once place. You can easily locate where a specific item is stored along with other relevant information like purchase date, warranty period, price, etc.

Each of these four software has many common features along with some unique features as well. Sorting inventory by categories, locating an item, backups are some of the common features among them. Whereas, features like search option, reminder, invoice, photo, barcode are software specific. So, let’s check these software one by one to know what features they offer.

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4 Free Home Inventory Software for Windows:

Household Register


Household Register is a free home inventory software to organize the household inventory. Despite having a retro interface, this software packs lots of features to create, organize, and manage all types of items you have. The main interface has a list in the middle surrounded by lots of options. In this software, you can add an item along with item details, quantity, category, location, owner, status (whether in use or not), purchase condition, value, warranty, notes, photos and documents (like invoices, warranty cards, etc.). Any of this information later can also be used to sort the inventory respectively.

One of the main highlights of this software is its Query feature. This feature lets you create a custom query to search through the inventory, For example, you can create a query to invoice of a specific product or find the purchase date of an item, and so on.

Apart from that, you can create a separate inventory for home and office and use the built-in calculator and calendar when needed. You can also import and export data to/from Excel, dBase, ASCII, or HTML file. For safekeeping your inventory, you can create a backup of your data to local storage. This software also has an option to schedule backup cycles where you can schedule regular automatic backups.

You can download this free home inventory software from here.

Vladovsoft Sklad


Vladovsoft Sklad is another free home inventory software for Windows. This software has a simplified interface and thus easy to use for everyone. When you launch this software for the first time, it asks you to enter basic information and then takes to a log in screen. The default username and password is ‘admin’; which can be changed upon login.

The main screen of this software gives you a list of features including Products, Productions, Payments, Database, Report, etc. Products and Report feature is what we need for inventory management. In the Products section, you can create a database of all your items and add details like name, barcode, group (create groups for categorization), quantity, price, date, note, barcode, photo, and more. Along with adding new items, you can also search for existing items and sort them by groups.

In the Report section, you can get a summary of your inventory covering total numbers of items in the inventory, the total number of groups, items in each group, and more. After adding all your inventory items, you can save the database to your local storage as a backup and restore it back to the software whenever needed.

Get this free home inventory management software from here.



Fakturama is a comprehensive inventory management software for Windows. This software deals with inventory management to stock management, invoices, receipts, expenditures, and can also store all your business contacts and customers details. Thus, the user interface is clutter with lots and lots of options.

If you don’t mind the crowded interface, this software packs of handy feature to create and organize the home inventory. You can create an inventory database by adding items to inventory with name, description, price, date, notes, group, etc. Then, you can browse your inventory, sort it with filters and use the search option to find specific items. You can also import data from Excel sheet and export your inventory database as well. It’s hard to cover all the feature of this software here; if you need a comprehensive inventory management tool then do check it out yourself.

Download this free home inventory software from here.

Lecprog Stock Management


Last, but not least, Lecprog is a stock management software for Windows that can also be used for inventory management. This is one of the simplest inventory software on this list. It creates a database for your inventory and saves all your data there. When you launch this software for the first time, it asks you to select the database file. Initially, you don’t have a database file so choose to create one and select the location where you want to save it. Once the database is created and linked to the software, you can start adding items to create an inventory.

This software has two buttons at the bottom panel; one to add a new entry and another is to delete the select item(s). In terms of product info, most of the options are related to stock but you can add info like category, barcode, notes, etc. In the top area, this software has Category and Product options. You can use these options to find specific items from the inventory. Apart from that, you can also create custom filters to sort the inventory as per your requirements.

Download this free home inventory organizer software from here.

Closing Words:

These are the 4 free home inventory software for Windows. With these software, you can easily organize all your inventory items at once place. You can locate any item when needed and sort the collection to check respective items. Do check them out yourself and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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