Earthquake Early Warning App with Earthquake Detection, Damage Report

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MyShake is a free earthquake early warning app that notifies about the earthquake near you. This app shows you all the recent earthquake incidents on the map along with their magnitude. It also provides the damage report of each incident covering building damage and road damage. With thousands of users all around the world, this app also shows crowdsourced data reported by other MyShake users that help to identify the areas affected by the earthquakes.

This app also has an ‘Earthquake Detection’ mode where it uses the sensors on your phone to identify the moments with the help of a neural net. If there is an earthquake in your area, you can report that by completing a short survey and contribute to a global smartphone network with in-app earthquake detection data and other relevant information. MyShake can also deliver rapid notifications if there is an earthquake near you. This rapid notification service is currently available in California and hopefully will cover more locations in the near future.

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Earthquake Early Warning App with Earthquake Detection, Damage Report

MyShake is a free mobile app available for Android and iOS. This app does require you to create an account or signup with other social media account which is good since it is also sort of an emergency app. When you open the app for the first time, it takes you through a quick introduction explaining what this app does and how you can use it.

earthquake early warning app

Then it asks for location permission to identify your location on the map. After that, it opens a world map and shows the reported earthquake incidents that happened in the last 14 days all around the world. Each earthquake incident is highlighted on the map along with its magnitude. You can also search for locations and use filters to find earthquakes as per their magnitude and time.

Damage Report

map earthquakes with damage report

When you tap on an earthquake incident on the map, it zooms into that location and shows you more details about the incident. It shows the place where the incident reported by users and tells you how far it is from your location.

After that, it shows the report stats submitted by the other MyShake users who experienced the incident. At the top, it shows the total experience report and then breaks them down based on users’ feedback. Like how many users experience no shaking, and how many users experienced light, moderate, strong, or severe shaking.

This app also shows the building damage and road damage done by the earthquake using charts. This damage data is also reflected on the map with color-coding.

Report Earthquake

earthquake detection app

The hamburger menu of this app has a Sensor section that can help you detect an earthquake. This feature uses the sensors on your phone to detect the moment and then run that data through its neural net to identify earthquakes. To use this, place your phone on a steady surface and record the sensor data. Once done, click ‘I feel shaking’ option from the map, select the nearby earthquake and submit your data along with other information. This app also has safety guidelines to help you prepare, survive, and recovery from earthquake incidents.

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Wrap Up

MyShake is a useful app that notifies you about the nearby earthquake with detailed submitted by other users. Earthquakes are quick and since we can not predict them, it’s hard to get information in real-time. In such a scenario, apps like MyShake can be really helpful. And, with the rapid notifications, it can quickly alert people on time and help save lives.

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