Manage Chrome Tabs In Thumbnail View With Tab Expose

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Tab Expose is a Chrome extension which shows your opened tabs in a thumbnail view. This Chrome extension basically show tiles for the opened tabs and lets you manage tabs in tiles view. As soon as you add this extension to your Google Chrome, you will come across an icon on the top right corner of your Chrome screen. This icon looks the same like Windows OS icon. Left click the icon to view the opened tabs in thumbnail view.

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This thumbnail view allows you to easily manage tabs opened on Google Chrome. You can easily locate and switch to a tab easily without being messed up. You can also close unwanted tabs by viewing their thumbnail preview. This chrome extension also offer few options like “show the tab count on this extension’s icon”, choose theme for the main thumbnail view window. You can also choose between “new tab” and “Pop-up” for showing the opened tabs thumbnail.

You can also use default hotkey Ctrl+Shift+E for viewing the thumbnails of opened tabs in a new tab. This hotkey function was not working with all tabs, but anyhow you can directly open the Thumbnail window of tabs with a single click on the extension icon.

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Some Key Features Of Tab Expose To Show Tabs In Thumbnail View:

  • Manage tabs in Thumbnail view.
  • Easily locate and switch to a tab.
  • Use default hotkey or assign hotkey for opening the thumbnail window.
  • Change the theme of Thumbnail window.
  • Choose between pop-up and new tab for viewing thumbnails.

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How To Install Tab Expose To Show Tabs In Thumbnail View:

  • Open the Chrome web store page of this extension.
  • Click “Add to Chrome” button.
  • Click “Install” button in the installation confirmation window.
  • You will come across an icon which looks same like Windows OS icon at the top right corner of the Chrome screen.
  • Left click the icon and view the opened tabs in thumbnail view.

Tab Expose Chrome extension offers one of the best way to manage tabs through their thumbnail view.

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