How to Schedule Auto Shutdown, Sleep When PC Overheats?

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This article covers a simple method to schedule auto shutdown, sleep when PC overheats. Overheating is a critical issue that happens when resource-intensive tasks are performed on the PC. And, sometimes when the CPU temperature rises above a critical limit, you might face sudden shutdowns due to overheating. Overheating reduces performance and might lead to hardware damage.

Core Temp is a free PC utility tool that helps you prevent overheating on your PC. This tool monitors the temperature of the CPU and allows you to schedule auto shutdown, hibernate, or sleep whenever the CPU hits a critical temperature. Depending on your hardware, you can pick the critical temperature and schedule an action for that. This helps you to prevent overheating on your PC in order to avoid sudden shutdowns or hardware damage. Since the PC shutdown/hibernate/sleep properly, no data loss happens and you can pick where you left.

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Schedule Auto Shutdown, Sleep When PC Overheats

Core Temp is an absolutely free tool to monitor CPU temperature and schedule an auto shutdown. To use this tool simply download the executable file and follow the steps to install it on your PC.

prevent pc from overheating

Once installed, this tool shows the temperature of each core in the system tray. When you open the interface, it shows the CPU specifications along with the number of cores and threads. It has support for multi-processor configuration as well. From the interface, you can track the minimum and maximum temperature of each core along with the load.

Overheat Protection

schedule auto shutdown, sleep when pc overheats

To schedule auto shutdown, hibernate, or sleep, go to Options -> Overheat protection. This opens the overheat protection settings where you can enable the overheat protection, set the critical temperature and define the action. From here, you can schedule a  shutdown, hibernation or sleep and set the waiting time before the prior action. You can also enable overheat notification and set it to execute a program before the shutdown.

Wrap Up

Core Temp is a handy tool to monitor CPU temperature and prevent the PC from overheating. Apart from that, this tool also lets you monitor the temperature remotely. You can enable this feature while installation and then keep an eye on the CPU temperature even when you are away. Give this tool a try and do share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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