How to Record Screen, Share Online without Installing Anything?

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This article covers a simple method to record screen and share online without installing anything. Almost every desktop operating system has a built-in screen capture tool and there are lots of third-party options as well. There are screen recording apps that can upload the recording to the configured cloud storage or web address. But almost all to these to have to be installed on the system in order to work. is a free web app that records and shares screen recording online without installing anything at all. It is a 1-click recorder that can record any active application window, open browser tab, or the entire screen. This allows you to record anything on your PC instantly without installing a screen recorder or anything. After recording the screen, you can download it and upload it online within 1-click to get a sharing link.

How to Record Screen, Share Online without Installing Anything?

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 Free Cross-Platform Desktop App for Google Suite is a browser-based app that works with all modern desktop browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Brave, and more. Whenever you have to record something, open the website in your web browser to access the app.

Record Screen, Share Online without Installing Anything

The website has a single landing page where you get a button to start the recording. When you click that button, it opens a ‘share your screen‘ popup where you can select the screen you want to record. You can record the followings using this app:

  • Entire Screen
  • Specific Application Windows
  • Specific Browser Tab


Record Screen Online without Installing Anything

Simply select the screen you want to record and click the ‘Share‘ button to start the recording. Once the recording starts, you get a toast notification at the bottom of the screen for the save. The notification has a button to stop the recording along with an ‘x‘ button to hide the notification. When you are done with the recording, you can stop it either from the notification or from the app.

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When you stop the recording, the app refreshes and loads the recorded video in an HTML5 player. You can watch the entire recording there and use the HTML5 player’s download option to save the recording on your PC. At the top of the player, you get a button to upload the video and get the link. Pressing this button instantly uploads the video to the web and gives you a sharing link to that. You don’t even to configure your own cloud storage or platform. And if anything goes wrong, you can start the recording again with the ‘Record again‘ button next to upload.

Wrap Up is a nice web app that allows users to instantly record screen anywhere without installing anything. Being a browser app makes it cross-platform means you can use it on any operating system with a modern desktop web browser. The app uploads the recording online, there is no information on where it uploads, how safe it is, and is there an expiry date for the uploads or not.

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