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My Dog’s Name is a wonderful resource that automatically generates dog names based upon its gender and your preferred name styles and themes. If you haven’t yet found the right dog for you, it also assists you to find the perfect breed and match.

Often, people find it confusing and time consuming to select a name for their new dog. They end up navigating a long list of probable names and at the end of the exercise, tend to get more confused. My Dog’s Name will bail you out in such a situation.

The name generator is pretty simple in that you just need to pick the gender, select the name styles such as friendly, elegant, classic etc. and then choose your name themes like historic, comic, mythical and more. The name generator will take these inputs and provide you some awesome dog names in a flash.

In case you are planning to buy a dog, the ‘Dog Breeds’ selector is the place to be. Once you specify some inputs about your home, number of kids (if any) at home, time that you can spend with the pet, etc., the breed selector will display some recommended breeds for you. You can select multiple breeds and compare and analyze the different traits to make a correct choice.

Here is how the resource works for generating dog names:

  1. Navigate to My Dog’s Name from the link provided at the end of this article.
  2. In ‘Dog Name Generator’, select the Gender of your dog and the Name Styles and Themes based on your choice. Click on ‘Find a Name’.
  3. The generator will supply the list of matching depending upon the choice you made above.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the names to save the names to a list so that you can go through them later. You can access the saved list from the ‘My Names’ button at the top-right of the web page

If you are interested in finding that perfect breed for your home, follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘Dog Breeds’ in the horizontal bar at the top of the page and click ‘Get Started’.
  2. Provide all the information to this resource to help it to provide you the best breed choices as follows
    • Prior Experience on owning dogs
    • Type of Home
    • Number of kids at home (if any)
    • Duration of hours / week that you can provide to the pet
    • Amount of exercise that you can provide and
    • Size preference

  3. Click on ‘Find Breeds’ and in a moment, you will get your preferred breeds with more details like its weight, lifespan and scores for important traits like trainable, shedding etc. Use the ‘Breed Filters’ panel at the right to make any changes in your selection.
  4. Click on the ‘+’ sign next to the breeds for a comparison of the selected breeds with respect to size, behavior, care and more. You can compare a maximum of 3 breeds at a time.
    Breed Comparison

My Dog’s Name boasts of some very helpful articles on dog training and puppy guides for all dog owners especially those who do not have prior experience. Click on the relevant links on the home page to access them. There is also a neatly categorized list of dog products available for sale through Amazon. Items like toys, food, home care, training and more are available for purchase.


My Dog’s name is an excellent resource for finding great breeds to buy new dogs and also for selecting their names. Rather than browsing through huge lists from A to Z, this resource will generate a whole lot of cute and smart names based on the gender and your preferred choice.

Go ahead and use this resource from this link and get yourself a new dog with a great name.

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