Free Multilingual Video Dubbing App to Dub Videos in 50+ Languages

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Robomotion Video Dubber is a free multilingual video dubbing app. This app allows you to easily dub videos in 50+ languages. You can simply upload your video and set the original and dubbing language. Firstly the app separates audio tracks from your videos. Then it transcribes the dialogues from the audio into text. After that, it translates the transcript to selected dubbing languages. It uses advanced text-to-speech technology and precisely integrates the translated audio back into the video.

Dubbing videos in different languages can enable a broader global audience for your content. In case you have a large portion of your audience from a different local, you can easily dub your videos to the local language and possibly increase your reach. You can also check out other similar tools to dub videos using AI by Elevenlabs and Dubverse that you can use for free.

How to Dub Videos with Robomotion Video Dubber?

Go to this link t to dub your video. This takes you to the Robomotion Video Dubber where you can add your video and dub it into any of the 50+ supported languages. Let’s go through the process step by step.

Upload Video

On the main screen of the app, click the Upload Video button and add your video. Currently, this app is in the trial version and thus has a maximum size limit of 50 MB.

Select Languages

The next step is where you have to select the languages. First, select the original video language. And then select the language in which you want to dub your video. After selecting both languages, click the Translate button to continue.

Check Transcript

The app takes a few seconds to translate the audio and generate a transcript. It shows the transcript alongside the video with time stamps. In this step, you can play the video and verify the synchronization of the dubbed audio.

Edit Transcript (if needed)

The generated transcript for the video has a check box for each timestamp. You can select and merge multiple transcripts into one. Apart from that, you can select and edit each transcript to make the desired changes. You can change the words and sentences for dubbed audio. You also set the speed to sync the audio properly with the video. With all the changes, you can start the dubbing process.

Download Dubbed Video

The app again takes a few minutes to generate the dubbed audio and merge it with the video. Then it shows the final video on the screen that you can play and download.

You can give it a try here.

Closing Words

This is a nice app to easily dub videos into 50+ languages. The overall process is quite simple to follow and provides precise control over the dubbed audio by changing the transcripts accordingly. However, the 50 MB video size limit during the trial phase is quite limiting for long-form video content. But for short clips and reels, it can certainly help you dub your videos for a global reach.

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