Convert Image to Animated GIF Online in 1-Click

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In this article, I will cover a free web app that can convert image to animated GIF in 1-click. This application uses machine learning to generate geometric shapes, called Primitives, mimicking the appearance of the actual image. The algorithm generates multiple shapes to mimic each segment of the image and then given a score by comparing it with the original image.

With this web app, you can convert an image to, either an animated GIF or a still image. In case of the still image, it creates an image using the primitives with a top score for each segment of the original image. Whereas, in the case of animated GIF, it uses a set of primitives for each segment appearing alternatively in a loop. The primitives give the image an abstract effect and convert it into beautiful moving GIF using a unique hill-climbing algorithm.

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Convert Image to Animated GIF Online in 1-Click

Motion is a free web application that converts image to animated GIF online in a single click. The webpage of this app gives you a button to create Motion (animated GIF). You can upload your image there and get a stunning moving GIF within a minute or two depending on the input image.

convert image to animated gif

Motion also offers optional options with lets you customize the appearance of the output. With these options, you can set the output type, shape type, and artistic style. Here is a list of all the available options:

  • Output type: GIF, Image
  • Shape type: Triangle, Rectangle, Circle, All
  • Artistic style: Default, Abstract, Realistic

You can try various combinations of shape type and artistic style to get different results. This app supports JPG, PNG, and GIF for the input and can fetch an image via URL. It also has a video URL option which will be made available in the near future, hopefully.

image to animated gif converter

Upon uploading, this app generates primitives for your image and shows you the live programming for that. Once completed, it gives you the output compared side by side to the original image. Here, you can see the difference between them and download the GIF from the right-click context menu.

Here’s the video demonstration of image to animated GIF that will also be helpful to you:

Give Motion a try here.

Closing Words:

Motion is a nice web app to create stunning moving GIFs from still images. With this app, you can create artistic abstracts and use them for inspiration. Try it yourself and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 22 Average: 4]

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