Animate Doodles with Your Body Movements using AI for Free

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This article talks about a way to animate doodle with your body movements using AI for free. Doodling is quite simple and there are lots of apps and websites to Doodle with different Features. Here is one such website where you bring your Doodle to life using AI.

Scroobly is basically an AI Experiment that lets you control a Doodle with your body movement. It uses FaceMesh and PoseNet models to bring Doodle to lift using the camera. The way you move in the camera, your Doodle will move the same way. The best part of it all is that no design expertise or coding required.

Animate Doodles with Your Body Movements using AI for Free

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Animate Doodles with Your Body Movements using AI

It’s simple to get started with Scroobly. You can use it right away on the website, there is no to sign up or anything like that. This gives you a few pre-drawn doodles that you can try.

animate doodle with your body movements

When you pick a Doodle, it tracks your movement using the webcam and places the Doodle over your body. You can keep the background on that will show your camera input with Doodle on top. And if you turn off the background then it will show just the Doodle mimicking your body movements. The camera stays on to track your body movements in real-time. This way, you can record your Doodle by controlling its movements with your body.

Make Your Own Doodle

create your doodle with scroobly

You can also make your own Doodle with Scroobly. This gives you a handful of shapes that you can start with. And if you like to draw everything from the ground up, you can do that too.

define movement areas of the doodle

After drawing the Doodle, the next step is to make motion options on Doodle. Depending on your Doodle shape and how you like to control it, you can configure the motion points. Apart from that, you can also import/export Doodle in JSON format.

control the doodle using ai

When your custom Doodle is ready, it uses the camera to track you and show the Doodle on the screen. This time it doesn’t show any templates. Instead, you get the option to record, edit, and start over.

Closing Words

This is a quite fascinating AI Experiment that uses the latest AI models to perform something that sounds simple but hard to implement. This all works fine with some lousy moments but it’s doodles we are dealing with which are themselves absent-mindedly drawings.

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